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Recommended monitor setup for a Creo Engineering workstation?


Recommended monitor setup for a Creo Engineering workstation?


I would like to know what the current recommended monitor setup is in a highly professional Engineering environment.

We have been providing our Engineers with configurations like

  1. one 22”wide screen (1680x1050-WSXGA+) combined with one or two 19” (1280x1024-SXGA)
    up to
  2. two 24”wide screens (1920x1200-WUXGA)

Two questions:

  1. What is your current preference/standard?
  2. What are your experiences with 24” UltraHD-4K(3840x2160) screens?
    a. Is the resolution too small ?
    b. Any issues with Windows DPI Scaling?

Thanks in advance.

23-Emerald III

I have (2) 27" wide screens and would consider anything smaller. I have the two monitors at a ~120 degree angle to each other in a corner of my desk. Works really great.


A twin monitor system is indispensable.  Spreadsheets, email, and web content on one side and Creo on the other.

I have played with something like the Oculus rift but the technology is not there yet.  but soon....?oculus-rift-concept.jpg

I have high def at work but not 4k yet.  For the cost I do not think 4K is worth it for a floor with 50 users.

It is hard for an office to balance state of the art with cost.

Just got a Benq 3201PH 4K monitor to evaluate.

Office & other apps were looking great, super sharp details, the individual pixels are invisible.

But Creo 3 M110 was fuzzy, both the menus and the models, with the models showing jagged angled lines that did not seem to correspond to the high resolution.

I tried all of the Creo settings for quality & anti-aliasing but nothing fixed it.

Turned out to be caused by the window application scaling, the more I scaled it the more fuzzy it got.

Windows automatically chose a 150% scale for this monitor.

But - when I set the Windows application scaling to 100%, Creo was perfect - crystal clear menu text and no visible jagged model lines.

It's just the menus are a little small, but maybe something to get used to.

Researching 4K monitors, I have read that some programs were not properly coded to scale and that is the root cause behind the lack of clarity.

I believe this to be the case here.

Being curious, I opened Creo 4 Sneak Peek, and the menus were perfect even when scaled, so hopefully a fix is coming with Creo 4.


I currently use 2 24" IPS 16:10 screens. 16:10 for the extra height and IPS because TFT gives me headaches. When I get a bigger desk, I plan on adding another of the same monitor.

I have not run 4k yet. Currently, I see no reason to, at least not on smaller screens. Especially in CAD where you are zooming in and out anyway. I have also seen people get 4k screens and run them at 200%, I am not sure these people know how resolution works.

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