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Save Related Files Automatically


Save Related Files Automatically

I would like to know if there is a setting or technique that someone is aware of that would make Creo automatically save any Drawing Models associated with the drawing I am saving. Too many times I've found that I will save the drawing and close Creo, only to open it later and have much of my work lost. This is of course because all of the dimensions and tolerances are actually pulled from the .prt or .asm file that I neglected to save at the same time as the drawing. Maybe I could be more diligent when saving, but I would prefer a shortcut instead because I'm lazy.

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Saving any modified model used in the drawing when saving the drawing is the usual normal behavior, and rather important to having your drawing function properly the next day.  If you can demonstrate a modified solid used in a drawing failing to save when saving the drawing, please report it.

I suspect the problem is something else, like the modified solid was saved, but then a workflow kept the new .drw file while discarding the new .prt/.asm file.  Such a situation can lead to various problems, if for example you made an axis in the part, showed it in the drawing, saved, discarded the new .prt file; then retrieved the old .prt file and made something else, and the drawing using the known axis id ends up trying to talk to a cross-section in the presumption that it's an axis...  Whatever is going on, you want to find it and nip it in the bud.

23-Emerald II

I agree this is not a normal situation. Creo (Pro/e) has always been very good about saving all files when you save drawings or assemblies.

If you use search paths, you may have more than one copy of your part or assembly.

If you use PDMLink, you would need to make sure you are checking in your part or assembly with your drawing.


Save operation is affected by SAVE_OBJECTS option.

Available values:






Martin Hanák

Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Maybe what I assumed was a Creo Parametric issue is actually a Windchill Workspace issue then. I just tried the same sequence of events that usually gives me a problem in an offline session and had no issue.

I always have this problem when working online though. I will make some changes to tolerances, dimensions, annotations, or other parameters that the drawing pulls from the model, and then save or save-and-upload the drawing. If I exit out of Creo, and then open that drawing later, none of the those model-driven changes carry over.

Sean -

What release are you on?  We had three users with the same issue when they were on Creo2 M060.

I'm on M130 now. Before this, I was on M080 for quite some time. I don't remember for sure, but I believe I was having the same issue on M080. Also, Windchill version 10.2 if that helps.