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Strange reference behavior with Save As, Skeletons, and External Copy Geom


Strange reference behavior with Save As, Skeletons, and External Copy Geom

Hello all,

Seeing a strange behavior here with Windchill / Creo 3.0 M060 and trying to copy an assembly to a new name.

The asm has a skeleton, and a few parts that have Ext Copy Geoms to that skeleton.

Want to create a new version assembly, skeleton, and all parts with new names (so completely independent). Seems simple enough for the Save As to handle... but somehow, the ECGs in the old parts of the old assembly end up pointing to the new skeleton !? (All the ECGs in the new parts seem to be referencing the new skeleton properly.)

Any ideas on what makes the old reference the new? Is there some way to control the ECG parents when doing a Save As from session? Is there some mysterious option controlling this?

The goal here is to iterate a bunch of 'what if' designs in parallel.

Two more thoughts:

> Just after the Save As operation, while the old model is still in session, the references are OK. If the models are erased from session and reopened from WS, then the old-referencing-new problem exists. Weird.

> I know actual best practice is to use the Save As feature from the WS instead .  While that seems to work as expected, it comes with the caveat of needing the old models uploaded and not modified. Also, the "Next" screen to update parents is blank, so that also shows no way to control the skeleton/ECG references between old & new assemblies...

Any help/insight is appreciated!


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That's odd indeed, I'd suggest opening a case with PTC.

I did a test here with M070 and no Windchill and it works as expected, new assy parts references new skeleton, old still references old.  Even after clearing memory and re-opening.

It sounds like a Windchill issue, or, perhaps, a M060 issue.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks for the reply.

We're actually just about to move to M080... so I'll test it out there & give an update.

Hopefully, it just magically gets fixed.

...and still the same behavior in M080. I'm guessing a Windchill culprit?


Seeing the same issue. PTC is looking into it.


Hello All,

I am working with Heath Nielsen on reproducing this behavior, so that we can pursue a fix. Heath has observed the issue in his environment but I've not been able to reproduce. Would someone be willing to provide step by step instructions to reproduce, or a simple test dataset with trail file?

Thank you,

Matt Banik

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