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Summary - Custom Menu No Longer Launches


Summary - Custom Menu No Longer Launches

Although I did not find an exact solution, the workstation is now fixed. I removed and then recopied Pro/E on the problem workstation. 20 minutes is certainly better than a complete re-image of the machine though. Thanks for the replies. For the record, below are the responses that I received:

Was there an update recently from Microsoft?

I had similar problem few month ago. If I remember correct, solution was to remove in local/startup directory.

I would compare the configuration files on the problem machine with the
files from the one that works. When I say "compare", I mean you should
get a tool like WinMerge or BeyondCompare to display two file versions
side-by-side with differences highlighted.

At the same time, find out what external settings (environment variables, settings, etc.) this menu application depends on. It might
have a dependency on an environment variable set by Windows before
Pro/E launches.

Do any of these machines use a Java Runtime Environent (JRE) different
from that furnished with Pro/E? Make sure the problem machine uses
the same JRE as the others.

Finally, consider attaching a Java debugger to this application and
testing its start() method. To do that, you'll need to launch at least
one other JLink app, attach the debugger to the JRE, then start the
menu application. This is an elaborate step; you'll need to attach
the debugger remotely or install Java development tools on the problem

You might confirm that the java build is either the same or newer than what the build code for compile is. Does it generate any errors or just a generic "xxx program couldn't start"? Or....?

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