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Summary - HP Notebook


Summary - HP Notebook

Hi Everyone,

First of all thanks to all that replied. (Very good response)

I am not going to add all the comments because there were quite a lot.

The general responses were pretty clear.

Gaming Laptop:

Good-day all,

Sorry to take so long to reply, but I needed to be sure before I did.

I received many responses, some + some -

Mostly I was reminded it not a Workstation BUT a Professional Machine

There are 2 models.

HP Elite Book 8530P (Professional) ATI GRAPHICS

HP Elite Book 8530W (Workstation) NVIDIA GRAPHICS

Anyway My Supplier said I could come and install my software on it.
PROBLEM!!! No Licence.

They also would not let me take it off the premises without paying for it


Have you run any benchmarks to compare the performance difference? I've started using ones from for relative comparison between our old and new workstations, but I haven't had the opportunity to run live models for a side-by-side comparison, so I'm curious to see how realistic it is. The good thing is that it doesn't require a pro/e license, it runs its own set modules (also has SolidWorks, UG, etc.).

I appreciate your summary on the gaming vs. professional video cards. We're considering using some MacBook Pros running CAD under Windows, but they only have the gaming class video cards.


Willy Chung
SurfaceInk Corporation - Boston

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