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Summary What is it Doing?


Summary What is it Doing?

Thanks, folks, as always, for the prompt responses.

Original Question:
>>Maybe I ought to wait until Friday, because it is really only out of
interest that I ask...
I have a couple of fairly large assembly drawings open on a pretty inferior
machine. When I change window from drawing 1 to drawing 2, the clock comes
up and I sit and wait while it does - what?
In the event, this morning, it crashed after 5 minutes, because it ran out
of memory, but that is neither here nor there. The question, I suppose,
boils down to:
Given that I have displayed each of the drawings already, what takes the
time when I switch between windows?
Surely it isn't regenerating anything, everything is already displayed. It's
busy doing something, lots of hard sums, because Task Manager shows 100% CPU
usage throughout. I just can't think what it is working out. Shouldn't it
just display either pretty picture more or less instantly, until I ask it to
do something clever, like move a note, or change zoom?
I know the reality is that I just have to wait, at least until I get a
half-decent machine, but I would feel less frustrated if I knew why I was
having to wait.
Any suggestions?<<

I think your problem could be


yes, no

Regenerates the drawing display whenever you change from one window to

yes-Regenerates both the drawing and the drawing view.

no-Regenerates the drawing but not the view unless you select View >
Repaint, View > Update, or Edit > Regen.

We have had this problem when using large assembly drawings in the past, and
then set this to NO while working on the drawings.  We like to set it back
to yes when working on lighter drawings so that you don't have to remember
to regen.

Try auto_regen_views option in

That is a very astute observation. I am currently working with some very
high brow people trying to answer this very point. As far as my scenario is
concerned, I open a drawing and it is displayed on the screen...eventually.
I change to work on another drawing in the same session then I want to
switch back to the drawing I HAVE ALREADY OPENED. ProE sits and does its
working out thing, eventually a view may appear followed by another view
until some time later, the whole drawing is opened and you think
"Great!"..... But wait, the screen then goes black (background color) and
the whole thing starts over again until - coffee break over, counted the
bricks in the wall, scratched every part of my anatomy, dug the wax out of
BOTH ears - the drawing appears and I can work on it. We have some very
powerful machines and like you, I can track it via the task manager and like
you, I can see it maxed out all the time ProE is working but like you, I am


I must say, changing the entry auto_regen_views from yes to no and back
again makes a huge difference!

Thanks again

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