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Time to Purchase a New Laptop


Time to Purchase a New Laptop

Hey All,


I currently own a Dell M6600 Precision Workstation.  It is awesome....until now(approx. 4.5 years old).  The Nvidia Quadro 4000M graphics card on my M6600 is crapping out and Dell is unable to replace to graphics card under my extended warranty due to the lack of availability of this part.


I am still running Wildfire 5.0.  It works great, very stable, and does everything I need to run my business.  I have the disks for Creo 2.0 and will probably install them if I have to get a new (or newer) computer.  I asked PTC for the disks just prior to my maintenance running out a couple of years ago.  I might go back on maintenance if the price is right.  Who knows???


Dell stated that they can provide me with a Dell M6800 refurb.  Does anybody know which graphics card I need with the M6800?  I am hoping that I can get this refurb laptop and then purchase extended warranty for another couple of years.  Over the years, I have found the Dell ProSupport extended warranty to pay for itself due to the prompt repairs and access to Dell Tech Support and overall EXCELLENT service that Dell provides.


Does anybody have a good list of spec's for a NEW Dell Precision Workstation Laptop just in case I need to purchase a new one?.  I am hoping that Dell might give me a credit for a new Precision Workstation as one option.  I typically purchase a new laptop every 5 years and that time is coming up in July 2017.  So rather than getting a refurb for a few months and then having to RE-reinstall everything again in a few months, I figured that I might just purchase a brand new computer and install everything one time.







I have several clients who have been very happy with the Quadro K4000M in the Precision M6800 machine.

As for new,  I can't help without doing the research.   Since I stopped being a Dell re-seller I have not kept up with Dell's "latest" offerings.

Why am I no longer a re-seller...   Because Dell has gotten greedy!   They used to offer very nice wholesale prices, then I could offer my clients personalized service and still resell for the same (or below) retail web prices...   Their wholesale discounts are now only about half of what they used to be and the numbers just don't work anymore...

---sorry for going off on a tangent there---  

Good Luck


Owner / Designer / Builder

My 3000M NVidia died too and a fortunate eBay listing got me a direct replacement... very reasonable price and received within a week.

This is in a M6600 Dell Precision, which too has served me well with the only exception being the video drivers were dependent on Dell, not NVidia.

This is why I leaned away from Dell for my next purchase.  I chose to go with a Lenovo P70 sinse it was certified with both Creo and SolidWorks.

A few notes: Choose the faster processors.  Rumor has it the Xeon processor is -not- socketed!  If you go Xeon, chose the faster one.

Also, go with the 4000 video card.  The M3000M doesn't score too well in the happiness index.  I also opted for the PCI-e drives.  Add the second drive yourself; much cheaper for the commercial offering.  Right now, Lenovo is having a very nice discount going.  Wish I was shopping now.

But I could have looked harder at Dell.  I completely missed the lower pages of compatible laptops where the Dell 7xxx are listed.  Keep Dell in the running and see who gives you a better deal.

As to replacing your video card... it can be done.  One thing about Dell, there is no shortage of documentation of how to get into the machine.  Lenovo too has a fairly good maintenance guide.  The machines are almost identical!  ...the graphics cards in these machines use a standard buss connector easily inserted much like memory cards.  You just have to carefully remove layers of stuff to get to it.  Once you're there, you just transfer a few fragile and gooey heat transfer pads... reverse the disassembly order... and boot.  Ebay abounds with replacement 4000M cards including new ones from China.  I'd opt for a tested laptop pull, Dell Precision pull preferred.

Just remember that this is a hardware change. If you run some hardware licensed app, you might take precautions.  SolidWorks, for instance, requires deactivating the license and reactivating it.

Dear Ben and Antonius,

I just spoke with Dell and they are sending me a replacement (REFURB) Dell M7710 Precision Workstation with the NVIDIA Quadro M400M graphics card.  This is the graphics card listed on PTC's website for the M7710.

Thank you for your responses.  Problem resolved thru Dell.


Sounds like a deal

I incorrectly listed the new graphics card as M400M.  Should have typed M4000M

What's a zero among friends   Nice to know Dell stands behind their warrantee.

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