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Unable to save drawings


Unable to save drawings


I've been creating 3D models and assemblies, but when I create a drawing and try to save it, I keep getting a messga that implies there isn't enough storage space, even thouhg the disk I'm saving the file to has over 300Gb of free space.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?

Many thanks,

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You forgot to mention: you're working with Creo or Pro/Engineer (and on which Windows OS)?


Apologies, I'm using Creo Elements Direct Modeling Personal Edition 3.0 (English), running on Windows Xp Sp3.

Thank you.

Why do not you use the latest version of the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0 (For 32-bit OS😞

Hi Will...

Make sure you have your working directory set to a folder where you have write access. Also... there are a few Pro/E options that come into play in this situation. I'm assuming you're NOT using Pro/INTRALINk or Windchill workspaces to store your work. I'm assuming you're working in standalone Pro/E.

If you've retrieved models from a directory and modified them, you may not have the ability to store those files back where they came from. By default Pro/E will try to save those files back into the directory they were originally in. The following two options play into how Pro/E handles the save in the event you do not have sufficient access rights to store the file:

override_store_back - default option is "no".

save_object_in_current - default option is "no"

If override_store_back is set to no, Pro/E will try to save the file back where it came from (original directory). If it cannot, Pro/E looks at the save_objects_in_current option. If this is also set to no, Pro/E simply does not save the file.

First, try setting save_object_in_current to yes. Go to Tools>Options to change the setting. Try saving with this option set to YES. If this fails, set override_store_back to yes, too. Try the save again.

And as I mentioned at the beginning, make sure your current working directory is something you have access rights to save in. If you're still having save problems, write back with the complete error message you're receiving. We should be able to work through this pretty quickly.



Hi Brian,

As I'm using Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Personal Edition 3.0 none of the above worked. I have full administrator rights to the drives, and folders I'm trying to save to so I'm baffled.

I have enev downloaded and installed Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 4.0 (English), exactly the same oucome.

If I try to save a part and drawing as a bundle [*.bd2] I get the

"Cannot store file C:/Documents and Settings//Drawings/test.bd2. Please check if there is enough disk space."

Same if I change to the 1Tb backup drive I have, or the 500Gb slave drive.

If I try and save the part and drawing as a packages [*.pk2] I get the

LISP error:

"The variable AM_STORE_DRAWING is unbound. This may have been caused by:

(1) Entering a string that wasn't enclosed in quotes.

(2) Entering a command belonging to a module that has not been activated.

(3) Trying to load a file that has an incorrect format.

(4) Calling a function that has not been enclosed in parenthesis ()."

The I get

3D data successfully saved.

The 2D drawing is also marked as modified.

To retain the associativity, save also the drawing now!

In both cases I'm selecting All Objects to be saved.

I tried to find the

override_store_back - default option is "no".

save_object_in_current - default option is "no"

and other options you gave me but couldn't locate them in any of the directories.

I'm a home user, with full admin rights on all drives folders and files, using stand alone software.

Hi Will...

The suggestions I gave above were intended for someone using Creo Elements/Pro (Wildfire 5) or Creo Elements Parametric (Creo 1.0). Unfortunately I don't have experience with Creo Elements Direct Modeling Express 4.0.

I'll try to get this running so I can dig through the interface but your fastest means of help is likely going to be through other PTC Community members coming forward to help. To that end, your question is actually posted in the wrong forum! We need to get your question into the right forum to have the best chance of answering it.

The correct forum is HERE:

I did a little research and here are a few other possibilities:

  • The software needs to be registered before many functions will fully activate.
  • The software needs an active internet connection and must be reactivated every 3 days.
  • Assemblies cannot have more than 60 unique parts.
  • Log in to and go to the following link to see other limitations of the free version versus the full, professional version of Creo Elements Direct Modeling:

I hope this helps! Good luck Will!


Hi Brian,

I've posted the issue in the correct forum, thanks for pointing that out.

I've checked the limitations, nothing about drawings being de-activated, the internet is permanently on and I've tried disconnecrting the cable to check and the software issues a warning that I have 71 hours left before I must register, re-connecrting the cable and the warning goes away.

Many thanks for your efforts, I'll see if anyone in the right forum responds.

Kind regards,

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