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Upgrading Pro/E. creo1, creo2? What is recommended?

22-Sapphire II

Upgrading Pro/E. creo1, creo2? What is recommended?

We are on WF5/creo. Hate it. Thinking of upgrading, possibly all the way to creo2.

What are you guys suggesting? Should we go all the way to creo2? Is the latest date code good, or is there a better/older one?

What are your experiences with it. Did I mention I hated WF5/creo? Hopefully later releases will be less loathsome......



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creo 2 M100

We are also using Creo 2.0 m100. It has been very stable, but we do not use data management.

Creo Parametric m100 is the most stable out of any version of 1.0 or 2.0 we have used. I would definatley skip 1.0.

From what I have see/heard on here, Frank, definitely skip Creo 1.0.

Dale Rosema wrote:

From what I have see/heard on here, Frank, definitely skip Creo 1.0.

DITTO! Been there... not going back... EVER!

There was some kind of hardware change at M090 or M100 that may cause new graphics issues. There is also a couple of bugs reported that I would rather see fixed in M110.

For now I am on M040 and have been reasonably happy with it, however patterns continue to be problematic that is suppose to be fixed in later releases according to PTC engineers (unconfirmed). I know how to get around the issues for mission critical work.

M110 is due out in about 2 weeks.

what is recomended???????

1. a big hammer to break it to pieces...

2. a torch to scarr it...

3. acid to make no longer exist...

sorry man, i been fighting creo 2 all week, these are the nicest things i can say about it right now....


Hah! I hear ya!

Our corporatte office says they've been having some issues with compatibility between creo 2 and Windchill. NOT what I wanted to hear, but it might be user error. Tey didn't know that creo 2 files were not downrev compatible! SRSLY?? That's a given in almost every CAD package I'm aware of except perhaps AutoCAD......

Well, thanks guys and keep the info coming!

An extremely powerful magnet often takes care of most Creo issues.

Just swipe it over the hard drive a couple of times followed by a call to IT.

When IT asks if you tried reformating your drive, you can say "absolutely!"

22-Sapphire II


Creo 2.0 or why not wait a bit for 3.0 to see what it brings.

Creo 1.0 was just a preview of whats coming in future. No point of watching trailer if movie is here.

Putting Creo 3 directly into production is risky. Even at M100, Creo 2.0 still has significant issues.

Creo 3 will take at least 6 month to become stable enough for production. That will be 2015.

22-Sapphire II

I'd have to agree Antonius. As we've both learned over the years, PTC releases early datecodes so that we can unwittingly beta-test (for free) their new releases for them.......

I agree with the group, if you plan to update in the next 6 months Creo 2 M100 is the way to go. While I'm slightly excited about the release of Creo 3, I plan to let user like Antonius and Frank test it and see what they have to say on here before I ever touch it.

As long as I am doing real work, I cannot afford to upgrade. Still on M040 for good reason

...but I do order every release on DVD since they are available only for a limited time.

Yep, Creo 2.0 M100 still has many bugs, even some new that weren't there in Creo 2.0 M020.

My only recommendation here is to avoid Creo 1.0 like a plague.

Definitely go for Creo 2.0!

Yes, there are bugs but from what I see and hear from my colleagues they really like Creo 2.

My experience is that after the initial crossover it takes a very short time to get up to speed again.

The worst part (for me!) was revising our Standards Manual with new screenshots from Creo 2.

Generally tasks have become a lot easier.

We usually go for M30 and up. Updates CAD when a new version comes out. (Remember to read Change log before upgrading!)

With PDMLink we stick to the same version until we're forced to upgrade.

So far this "Rule of Thumb" have proven very good.

Thanks guys, keep 'em coming!

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