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What modules come with which packages? Where is Mathcad?


What modules come with which packages? Where is Mathcad?

I have looked on PTC's site and here and only found one reference ( to this question, but it references 2 different packages types.  One mentions ESSENTIALS, ESSENTIALS PLUS and ESSENTIALS PREMIUM.  The other mentions Creo I, Creo II, Creo III, and Creo IV.  Which is correct and what comes with each one?  One mentions engineering notebook.  Is that Mathcad now?  Can't believe this is so hard to find...well, maybe is PTC after all.




Not immediately helpful to you, but of a similar basis:


I've long wanted PTC to produce what I call an end-point document. This would have all the places in the use of the software where a user makes a discernible change to a model or to the user environment. Related to each end-point there would be a list of conditions that need to be met to get there and related error conditions when the criteria are met but the .


If such a document existed, PTC could flag each end-point as to which license was required to use it as well as giving users and organizations a way to identify training and other utilization needs. Also, once end-points are identified it would be possible to track CPU, memory, and disk space utilization.




It depends...


In 2018 they have switched to subscription only. As goody you could get packages with extra modules (simulate and ISDX) which you can purchase as single module too.


Additionally over time they rename and add modules (not too many...) so that you need multiple entries in your license manager.


Mathcad is a Standalone Application - but obviously you get it for "free" on expensive packages.


A promise for subscription licenses was, that they will add modules over time. (in the past you got only what you have purchased on the first day.)


We have asked our reseller to get a full list of possible modules & extensions  + descriptions, to check if we could need some. But it's not possible...


Which modules are really included, you'll only see in the license file. We have Essentials PLUS.

in the License File:

e.g. Creo Essentials:

# Optional Modules = INTERFACE for CATIA
# Optional Modules = FEATURE
# Optional Modules = DETAIL
# Optional Modules = INTERFACE
# Optional Modules = SURFACE
# Optional Modules = PLOT
# Optional Modules = LIBRARYACCESS
# Optional Modules = ECAD
# Optional Modules = REPORT
# Optional Modules = CDT
# Optional Modules = DATA for PDGS
# Optional Modules = SCAN-TOOLS
# Optional Modules = LEGACY
# Optional Modules = INTERFACE for STEP
# Optional Modules = WELDING
# Optional Modules = PHOTORENDER
# Optional Modules = WEB PUBLISH (> OR = 18.0)
# Optional Modules = SHEETMETAL-DESIGN
# Optional Modules = INTERFACE for CADDS 5
# Optional Modules = Mechanism Design License
# Optional Modules = 4DNavigator License
# Optional Modules = Import Data Doctor
# Optional Modules = Design Animation
# Optional Modules = ModelCHECK License
# Optional Modules = ASSY_PERFORMANCE
# Optional Modules = Manikin
# Optional Modules = Manikin Analysis
# Optional Modules = Interface CADDS 5 Win
# Optional Modules = Creo Freestyle Design
# Optional Modules = Creo Flexible Modeling
# Optional Modules = Design Exploration
# Optional Modules = Update Control Layout
# Optional Modules = Creo Unite
# Optional Modules = Mold Analysis Lite


The PLUS - Windchill License is not listed directly. Additionally Cabling, Simulate and ISDX are separate entries.


There are rollbased packages too.


br Bernhard




I found an article by PTC on this Topic:


br Bernhard

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