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Wildfire 5: CONFIG.PRO option 'windows_browser_type'


Wildfire 5: CONFIG.PRO option 'windows_browser_type'

IE in a seperate process will give Pro/ENGINEER more memory and will not
crash Pro/E if your browser session crashes or hangs.
I wasn't aware of the Web/Link behavior, but would like to hear, if your
find a solution that makes it work in the seperate process.
Have you tested the Mozilla based option? Web/Link functionality could
tell if that is in a seperate process or not.
The Mozilla based option will give a huge speed benefit when running
Windchill inside Pro/E, but if Web/Link is not working )o:


Andreas Hellmann <->
23-06-2010 19:31
Please respond to
Andreas Hellmann <->


[proecad] - Wildfire 5: CONFIG.PRO option 'windows_browser_type'

in Wildfire 5 there is a new config option 'windows_browser_type'.
This can be of value 'ie_in_sep_process' or 'ie_in_process'. And some
additional value for mozilla browsers.
Has anyone informations on how the two "ie_" values affect Pro/E's
behavior? The setup documentation at describes these options as
you would expect from the names of the possible values, but what are the
advantages of IE running in separate process??? Default is
Working with Pro/Weblink it seems that the "separate" process does not
allow to run applications built with this API.
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