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batch runs...


batch runs...

I know I can set up a design study in a given part and have it run thru
a set of different boundary conditions in Mechanica. This works fine
for a single part, but is there any mechanism in Mechanica to allow runs
of different parts with different boundary conditions to run one after
another? I'm faced with analyzing 8 DIFFERENT parts that each take
roughly 2-3 hours to solve. What would be perfect is if there is some
simple, straightforward way to set all 8 analysis up and let them run
over night? Thanks in advance...


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

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Use the Run>Batch command under the Analysis and Design Study window.

---Jim Holst

Does running the analysis as a batch run use a license? we only have 6 licenses therefore it would be amazing if it didn't

Thanks for all the replies... RUN-BATCH was the answer...

Another question: I've set up a batch, and went into a dos window as
started the .BAT file... any way to check on the progress???


A couple interesting replies which didn't make it to the exploder...
(hmmm... guess I should have reminded people to respond directly to the
exploder so the thread is intact in the archives... )

When adding the analysis to the batch file, you can open the status

At the end you have as many status windows on the screen as analysis in
the batch file.

You can watch the progress in those windows as you can do it if you
start the study directly.

you can open up the .rpt file which is the standard report file. It is
located in the folder that mechanica creates to store all of the
analysis files. You can also open up the .stt file which is the more
detailed report file.

Note - I always make a copy of these files first before opening them
just in case the program I open them with prevents Mechanica from
writing to that file. I don't know what happens if Mechanica can't write
to that file. It wouldn't surprise me if mechanica crashes because it
can't write to a text file.

Also FYI - you can create a second batch file that calls the mechanica
files like this:

ECHO time: %time%
CALL ./static_x/mecbatch.bat
ECHO Static in x completed!
ECHO Completed time: %time%
CALL ./static_y/mecbatch.bat
ECHO Static in y completed!
ECHO Completed time: %time%

You change the folder path as needed (highlighted in red). This way when
you come in the next morning you have an idea how long it took to run
each analysis. You can also just get this info from each .rpt file.

There is a program called 'baretail' that reads files from the end as it updates. Handy for log files.