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can t find "parametric" licence, product naming ?


can t find "parametric" licence, product naming ?

Our users are working with Creo Parametric

We've changed our licence server but we're not able to retrieve the new license file including the parametric functions.
We generate a file with "MECSTRUCENG_STSIM" and "MECSTRUCUI_STSIM", but that don't allow us to use parametrics functionnalities.

We may be lost with the new naming model.
Can you please help us, how can we retrieve a new licence file for a single flexlm server tat will work ?


Back when we had those types of licenses, legacies from Pro/MECHANICA, I figured out how to use them. Luckily, it was enough trouble that I wrote up the technique for the next person who might have to address this mess (most likely future me, that forgetful fool). Here's what I saved from long ago in 2013




The problem, in our installation, seems to be that the automated tools for
assigning license codes to specific functions are unable to process the codes
we have.
The fix is to manually configure the pertinent text files to reconfigure Creo.

The steps we had to do were as follows:
(1) Parse the license file and find the codes that are attached to the
    Mechanica/Simulate functions. In our case, these were "MECSTRUCUI_STSIM"
    and "MECSTRUCENG_STSIM". Alternatively, these can be found by executing
    the "ptcstatus" command and looking for similar codes.
(2) Locate the text file that specifies to Creo the assignments of these codes
    to Creo. For my installation, this was
    C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Creo 2.0\Common Files\M040\mech\text\licensing\mech\feature.dat
(3) Edit the above file, and you should see a list of parameters, each followed
    by the expression "<No license features>".
(4) Determine which of the parameters needs to be changed, which should be
    evident from the parameters found in step (1). In our case, the two were
    STRUCT_UI and STRUCT_ENGINE, and the parameters found in step (1) were
    used to replace the text in double quotes.
(5) Save this file.
(6) Now it's necessary to reconfigure the Creo installation, by running the
    program for that purpose, in my case
    C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\reconfigure.exe
    Pick "Reconfigure existing software" -> Next -> Next -> Install
(7) Once reconfigure is done, Simulate should be okay in Creo.
(8) Do a reconfigure on the standalone Simulate also, checking to ensure the
    "Licenses" tab has the correct information, and then standalone should be
    okay, too.


Note that I did all this stuff with Creo 2.0, and don't know if it is different for whatever version you are working with. If all else fails, you should be able to contact the PTC licensing folk to get help - they're pretty good at this stuff, once you get to the right person.

All this is assuming you got a new license file by telling someone (online, actual human, etc) that you server ID has changed.

Did my lengthy message work out for you?

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