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22-Sapphire I options - spreadsheet

Has anyone put all Creo 3.0 options in Excel?  The PDF that lists all (creo3_m060_parametric_configoptions.pdf) is 162 pages long.

We're methodically going thru our Creo Elements Pro/WF5 and config.sup files, updating for the latest Creo 3.0.

It would seem that pretty much everyone has these needs for this:

- Consider each option and it's default value.  Decide if the default is ok.  If not, change it in your standard config. Decide whether .sup or .pro.

- Add comments for each decision.

PTC supplies all needed into as a PDF; would seem that pretty much everyone would need to convert to Excel somehow.


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David Haigh‌ has put together something like this for Creo 2.0 a few years ago.

I've got no idea where i found the file back then so i just added it to the attachment.

23-Emerald IV
(To:MikeLockwood) has a full listing of all Creo 3 options.  Unfortunately it doesn't list the default values.  I imagine it would very easy to cut and paste this into Excel.



The default value and options for each setting are listed when you click on the links.
The default value has a * next to it and some say default.
Hidden config options do not have a default value.

Don Anderson

5-Regular Member

Thanks for this link. The site just showed me REFIT_FOR_XSEC_OR_ZONE which sounds great if setting it to "no" will work.

23-Emerald IV

I just took the PDF for M060 and converted it to Excel.  Use at your own risk.


There is a file that appears to list many, many options installed with Creo Parametric.  The file is <PATH_TO_CREO>\Common Files\text\config.cdb.  It is a text file.  It doesn't appear to list hidden config options.  I was able to open it in MS Word and do some text search/replace and paste it into an Excel Spreadsheet.

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