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creo 2 model tree config and summary window


creo 2 model tree config and summary window

Hi Everyone,

Just a couple of minor annoyances on my part, and I've searched the configs looking to see if there's an option for these two really minor issues.

First, my model tree has two columns, with the second column being the feature number. That column's width is set to 3. Every time I open a part or assembly, it appears in the middle of the model tree, and I move it to the right every time. Is there a setting that will keep it on the right?

Second, I really like the new Summary panel for the Measure functions. Is there a way to have it open fully expanded every time? I know once my session is open it will stay the way I have it until I exit, but it would be nice just to have it open and stay open without using the two spin down arrows.

And now if I could just break my old habit of double clicking when I create datum curves through points...


Dave Clark
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Good Morning,

I thought I'd clarify what I'm talking about. Thanks to all who have replied. I probably wasn't clear enough. I'm attaching images to show what I'm experiencing.


See how the feature number column comes in at the center of the model tree? It's only supposed to be three characters wide.


And this is how the model tree arranged, and yes I have a tree.cfg file saved with this set up.

I want to know if I can either set feature number column to the right side of the screen. When it's set to take three characters, but yet eat up half of the model tree window, it's annoying.

Again, not a show stopper, but a minor annoyance.



Two suggestion (out of my head, not sure if they are possible):

1. Adjust the width of the feature column to be wider.

2. Make the Model Tree panel more narrow, so the "white space" can be used in the model window.



The way the tree works is any time you add a column, Pro/E - ugh, Creo -
divides the tree into two sections, one for the feature list, the other
for user added columns. Since you only added the one narrow column, it
looks bare having it in half the tree window alone. The only real
solution is adjusting it every time.

Users have been asking for years (at least back to WF1, I think longer.
When did we get the configurable tree?) for the ability to control that
split by default. It looks like we'll be waiting some more. 😞

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


This has also been an annoyance for me for many years. (At least as long
as WildFire has been around... maybe longer)
I know that my scenario below doesn't directly answer your original
question. In short, I don't know how to get the splitter bar to default
to somewhere other than middle. Here is my situation and how I got around

I have three items added to the RH side of my model tree splitter bar:
Feat#, Feat ID, and a parameter called PARTNAME. Sometimes I want to only
see the Feat# column, but other times I want to see all three. At the
same time, I don't want my model tree to take up my full second screen,
and when Pro/E launches the splitter bar always defaults to the center of
the tree which is never where I want it to be. So, as you can imagine, I
was constantly moving this splitter bar with the mouse and it became a real

The answer for me was mapkeys.
I created two "single key" mapkeys (for me its F10, and F11) that simply
move the splitter bar to the right (to show only one column), or move the
splitter bar back to the left (to show all three of my columns)

Good Luck

Bernie Gruman
Owner / Designer / Builder

years AND years... but HEY! We know how PTC touts their "windows compatability"...

As to the "problem": use a mapkey, mine (for up to WF4) is "ZZ" as follows:

mapkey zz ~ Move `main_dlg_cur` `PHTLeft.AssyTree`80 ;\
mapkey(continued) ~ FocusOut `main_dlg_cur` `PHTLeft.AssyTree`;

Thanks again to all who replied, especially Paul, Doug, and Bernie. It looks like using a mapkey is the workaround for now.



I guess this has been beaten to death ….. but …… I don’t know if anyone mentioned as an adjunct ..

Tools >> customize screen …


Or smaller than 5 and when it saves to …….. presto. I mean if you don’t really care where the splitter bar is and just want to reclaim window space you don’t even need the map key ( tho I use one in conjunction).
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