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drawing "fill" option issue


drawing "fill" option issue

I have used the "use edge" option in pro/engineer detailing to make some draft entities and i have filled them, but when after saving i reopen the drawing the fill disappears and i have to again "fill" the sketch.this is very i doing something wrong?

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I just tried this in Creo 2.0 M030. Made a simple triangle sketch on the drawing, right click and hatch/fill. Used the fill option, saved, closed, erased non-displayed, re-open the drawing and the fill was still there.

I don't see options for Use Edge in Creo 2.0. Either the selected features are hatchable or not by the state of the hatch/fill button (grayed out or active).

What version are you using?

thank you so much for your reply. i forgot to mention two things :

1. i am using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0

2. the above mentioned issue only happens when multiple draft entities are filled with one hatch/fill option.

one more thing...use edge is available in the "sketch" option of creo 2.0 detailing

I love this forum. I learn all kinds of new things. It just says "Edge" in the menu

Yep, Filling the sketch of two closed loops from separate view in a single section works fine in Creo 2.0 M030. Saved, closed, erased, re-open... 2 filled boundries just like I left it.

the sketcher fonts which are used in detailing as draft entities mainly cause this issue.

and its simply very annoying.

even when I switch between part and detailing the fill disappears.

Did you check if it is controlled by any layer status? Or the spacing may be too large to display.. Check these since your problem is unusual..


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