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extracting values from an SQL database to feed BOM table in CREO


extracting values from an SQL database to feed BOM table in CREO


I am trying to extract information from information that will reside in an SQL database.  I want to get specific values (material information, inventory number & description information) to populate categories in a BOM table.

I'm know that is what WindChill is for, but my company is committed to a different ERP program, and the same is true for its PDM system.

I assume its something like a config file option to extract the information, but I am hoping someone can help me out with the specifics.  I know this is a 100,000 foot question, but I am a noob to the admin side, I've always been the user; I am in a setup role and trying to learn how to make this work.

We have CREO 3.0 M090.

My ERP system is from ABAS (German company?), called EKS

My PDM system is from PROCAD, call PRO.FILE (it is not a PTC product, rather from some company called PROCAD)

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Brian Williams

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Sounds like you need to check this out: SQL Tutorial

OK, I will check that out.

Is there another tutorial on how to get CREO to pick up the SQL stuff?  I'm thinking it must be a relation you have to create.

Thank you for your help David.

Having checked out some of the SQL tutorial, I think I need to be clearer:

I have IT people who will help me with the SQL data extraction codes, so that I do not need to necessarily know how to write them.  What I am looking for is the item(s) that tell CREO to go looking for information from an SQL database.

Is it a parameter you embed in the parts and assemblies, and then have that parameter report out to the BOM table?  A relation?  A config file setting?  A combination?

That's the key:  what tells CREO "hey, go fetch"

Thanks again,


23-Emerald IV

Creo cannot read data out of a database.  It reads files from a disk.  You will need to build an application to get the files from wherever the database says they are (inside or outside of the database), and then tell Creo to open the files from that location.


You could make a TK app that talks to Creo and also talks to the SQL DB.  But the export-to-file way is probably less work.

My IT guy told me to ask if Creo can use an ODBC data source?

23-Emerald IV

Out of the box, meaning without customization, no.

OK.  Thank you all for your help.  I'll check into the customization thing.

Thanks everyone.  I appreciate it.

23-Emerald II

There's a sub-forum for customization. You may want to bounce ideas around in there.

Creo Customization

OK, I will check that out.  Thank you.

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