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About an IoT application


About an IoT application

Hello Everyone here

I  have developed an Energy meter to by using

1. 8-bit PIC16F887 Microcontroller

2. TI CC2520 as a zigbee module

3. TI CC 2592 as it range extender

in this  i measure current , voltage , power- active and reactive , power factor  as the parameters essential billing parameters

now we want to develop an IoT for this application in this regards i want to known:-

1.  This Micro controller has a 256 bytes  of  EEPROM memory where we have just stored these parameter values ,  which file  format thingworx support to transfer our real time data .

2.Is it possible that once we communicate our parameters using Zigbee to a PC and then convert it to the file format which thingWorx can support ?

3.Which communication protocol thingworx support to transfer the data either : Wifi , Bluetooth , Ethernet.

4.For zigbee if we require an gateway then how can we develop it and which communication standard should it support

i have also attached here a slides about the application idea



Do you need your micro controller directly talk to ThinWorx platform? (or)

You transfer your data to the PC by other communication means (where ThingWorx instance runs) and then work on that data? What is your target?

With B/R,


Yes sir  we want the same that the micro controller should directly talk to the thingworx platform and we are looking for this only that how can we transfer our daata using a communication where Thingworx run.

our basic target it to data analysis and to control our supply switching system

Ok. You can think of using edge SDKs (Ciprian Otel's first suggestion).


In order to send the data from your PC to ThingWorx you can use the ThingWorx sdk (C,Java or .NET) to create a Gateway which sends the data via WebSockets. This application will read the data which you receive from your device and push it to the platform. 

The sdk's can be downloaded from the marketplace.

Another alternative is to use REST calls.

Thank you,

Ciprian Otel

what is meant by rest calls


REST is a way to interact with the ThingWorx resources in severaly ways. You can call services from outside of the platform, upload data to the platform (such as sensor data) and also get data from the platform. I'ts actually an HTTP or HTTPS request. When you connect to, you make a REST call with the method GET, because you want to get the data from

You can find more about this by viewing the following 2 resources:

Basic description of the ThingWorx REST API

AND the ThingWorx REST design

Thank you sir

it is very helpful

Thanks for sharing.

I have been looking for that info.


Arijit, here is a link to the REST API section on the Help Center. You can find more details there including what it is, and how to use it.


I am a bit confused as the zigbee protocoll is no internet protocol. So you will need a gateway to connect your zigbee network to internet -> TWX cloud.

Zigbee does not support http calls and so wont be able to communicate with thingworx directly even if you have got a local thingworx instance.

Using a kind of gateway will enable you to on the one hand communicate with your zigbee devices and on the other hand to communicate with your cloud.

Is this what you wanted to know?

Or do you need a more detailed answer?

yes you are right i need to create a gateway for the zigbee protocol but i want to known which protocol is being used to communicate from Gateway to the thingworx platform either its wifi , ethernet , bluetooth because if it is possible to known that then i can  use that protocol for communication with thingworx platform .

Hi if you don't use your gateway to directly host your thingworx instance you will need LAN.

You can choose between wifi and ethernet. It depends on what you need or fits better to your network.

Bluetooth is no internet protocol. GSM would also work, but i think this is not what you need.

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