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Cant establish OPC communication between Kepserver on one virtual machine to another


Cant establish OPC communication between Kepserver on one virtual machine to another

I got two virtual machines.

Virtual machine 1 makes use of System Platform IDE.
Virtual machine 2 runs the Kepware and has a Kepserver up and running with a connection to a PLC.

I would like to be able to use the Kepserver from Machine 2 on my OPC client in Machine 1.

But the kepserver cant be found and even without firewalls enabled on both virtual machines, nothing works.

Ive gone through an entire DCOM guide for Kepware and it didnt seem to do anything.

If i install Kepware locally on the same machine running System Platform IDE, the kepserver shows up without any problems, and im able to connect directly to it through OPC.
But i would like to run the Kepserver on its own virtual machine.

Is there something im missing? I would love your inputs

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Hi, are you trying to connect with OPC-DA client driver? Can you ping between VM's? Any screenshot will be helpful.


Also see manual below if may help you.

Hey there! And a happy new year to you!  
Sorry for responding so late, december's been busy!

I'm trying to connect through the use of OPC-DA, yes  

Pinging between both remote desktops is a success.

Going back and forth between different forums and such, the current situation is a little different, as ive had success reading tags from OPC server on the other remote desktop.
I've been trying to set up the DCOM configuration to allow the connection between the two:
- OPCEnum application is added to inbound rules
- Port 135 is added as an exception
- Local groups / Users have been set up and allowed access to the kepware runtime service. 
- Kepware applications have been included in the firewall to allow the connection.

I've downloaded MobileOPCExplorer to access the OPC server.
So whenever i have the firewall turned on, i can search for the other remote desktop, and it pops up, but once i try connecting it gives an error.
Turning the firewall off on both remote desktops, the connection to the OPC server is successful, so im missing something in the firewall configuration. The MobileOPCExplorer application has been added to the firewall exceptions though, so for now ive been trying to establish the connection without firewall, and then i'll look into the missing rule after.

So without firewall i can create tags and get the values from the OPC server, but even though everything seems to be working fine with MobileOPCExplorer, i simply can not do the same with System Platform IDE. Typing in the servernode and servername of the Remote Desktop and Kepserver (OPC) all my tags go bad in my objectviewer. So sad. Thought that was it.

Im guessing there's some ports for the System Platform IDE application i need to get the values passed through the firewall, but the similar setup ive done for mobileOpcexplorer doesn't seem to be working for System Platform IDE. 

MobileOPCExplorer was for quicktesting, but the final goal is to be able to get the values shown in System Platform IDE.
Trying to browse the kepservers taglist in System Platform IDE it gives an error involving OPCEnum. But OPCEnum has been included in the firewall for the remote desktop running the OPC server, so im really struggling to figure out what im missing.

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