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ERROR - TW.Runtime.Workspace.Mashups.getWidget exception loading widget


ERROR - TW.Runtime.Workspace.Mashups.getWidget exception loading widget

Hi all,


I'm trying to create new Thingworx Widget using Apache echarts. I have created simple chart and imported into Thingworx. I'm able to see widget in Composer but when I try to see chart in runtime I'm getting below error :

17:54:40 ERROR - TW.Runtime.Workspace.Mashups.getWidget exception loading widget {
  name: Error,
  message: simplechartdoesn't exist


I checked JAVA OPTIONS everything looks fine. 


Thingworx Version : 9.2 ( Fresh Instance)


Could any one help me to solve this issue.






Try clearing browser and tomcat cache and see if it fixes the issue.




@SachinSharma Tried this method. Still no luck !



Article - CS345409


Error - 'TW.Runtime.Workspace.Mashups.getWidget exception loading widget' is seen on loading mashup with widgets imported as extension


Check java path in tomcat properties


Article - CS246176


ThingWorx Widget is not displayed causing "ERROR - TW.Runtime.Workspace.Mashups.getWidget exception loading widget"


Just a few other items to check.




It looks like both Java and Java encoding option are set properly in tomcat. Please below image for your reference



Still I don't know why it is not working.



Hello Velkumar,

From your screen capture it is not possible to verify that the -Djava.library.path variable is pointing to the proper location.  It should point to







Here are a few things you can check:

  • Make sure that the widget constructor name is the same for both the IDE and Runtime versions; if in your IDE file your extension is defined as
    TW.IDE.Widgets.simplechart = function () { ... }

    It should have the same name in the runtime file:

    TW.Runtime.Widgets.simplechart = function () { ... }
  • Make sure that there isn't something that prevents the combined extensions file from being evaluated completely. For example, a syntax error in any widget will prevent the extensions from loading at runtime, or an error thrown by a global statement could cause a part of the extension widgets to not load. You should use the browser inspector, rather than the Thingworx logs, to look into this.