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Error is reported in "service"


Error is reported in "service"

Hi All,


My service sometimes (not always) reports error of "javascript service".

the service has "for" statement to analyze data and set result into an infotable, so the loop count is depend on input data.

I added a "try catch" statement to output error details but it not work.


I think the error tends to be frequently happened when we input big data ( data count is around 100000).

( not always, sometimes the error happens. )


I dont add memory allocation codes in "for" statement as much as possible since I thought there is restriction on available memory size in each service.


if someone have experienced the same error as me, I'd be happy if you share root causes and on how to solve it.


Thanks and regards.





23-Emerald II

Hi @Yoshihiko.N.


Since an infotable is stored in memory, you may want to think about using a data table instead, since 100,000 records is fairly large and could cause performance issues.


From the code snippet you provided, we're unable to tell what is actually occurring.  Can you provide the full code?  You can send it via private message if needed.





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