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GitBackup Extension version 5.0.0 for ThingWorx 9.3 is released


GitBackup Extension version 5.0.0 for ThingWorx 9.3 is released

Hello community,


I'm happy to announce that I released our unofficial GitBackup Extension 5.0.0, again, with community help (thanks James McCuen who provided the model tag export functionality).


Version 5.0.0 brings several new features to the table:

  1. Added capability to export entities based on Model Tags.
  2. added validation in the “New Repo” screen for Git thing names to prevent forbidden characters and existing entities.
  3. Added per-user Git credentials storage; as part of this capability, credentials are no longer stored at the Git repository level. Please read Note 3 / page 13 from the Extension user guide. This is by far the biggest change and it will generate slightly more setup the first time you install it.
  4. Supports ThingWorx 9.3
  5. The old 8.x release is no longer maintained.

The documentation was updated and I strongly suggest further reading the release notes and the extension user guide attached as a PDF to the release..


The Extesion source code is available here:

The importable Extension zip files are available here:


This Extension is licensed under the MIT Licence and is provided as-is and without warranty or support. It is not part of the PTC product suite.

In case you have any issues with it, please open an issue here:


Taking into consideration the statement above:

  • please read first the documentation
  • if you encounter any problems, search first for closed issues, and if none is found for your problem, raise a new issue in GitHub's issue system:
  • do not open PTC Tech Support tickets for this Extension as it is not supported by PTC

That's great news! Congratulations on the release of GitBackup Extension 5.0.0. It's wonderful to see the community contributing to the project and the introduction of new features. Thank you for sharing the details, including the source code and the importable extension zip files.

You've provided helpful information on how to get started with the extension and where users can find documentation and support. It's important to emphasize that the extension is not part of the PTC product suite and is provided under the MIT License, without warranty or official support from PTC. Users are encouraged to refer to the documentation, search for existing issues, and open new issues on the GitHub repository if they encounter any problems.

Overall, it sounds like a valuable addition to the GitBackup Extension, and I hope it brings great benefits to the users. Best of luck with the project and future releases!

Can you explain what this extension actually does?




I tried to find the PDF that is mentioned on the GIT of this extension: 


However I could not find it, so here is a shortened explanation from my understanding of it after using it for some time.


It is an extension that allows you to integrate with (any?) GIT source control.

It basically replaces your GitHubDekstop/SourceTree etc for a mashup where you can more "easily" pull and push your TWX files.


Hope this short description helps you out!




In the Git releases section mentioned in the first post, at each release, there's a PDF file containing the User Guide:



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