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GridAdvance "isEditable" Property seems to be buggy


GridAdvance "isEditable" Property seems to be buggy

Hi everyone,


I'm currently facing an issue with "GridAdvanced" widget, which seems to be a bug.

I'm using ThingWorx 9.1.8-b845.

What I'm trying to accomplish is basically pretty simple.

I just call a service called "GetGroupManagement" (whenever the mashup is loaded) which gives me a boolean "true".

I connect this later on to the properties of "GridAdvanced" widget: (Visible: false by default, isEditable: false by default).

So what happens is the widget is being shown but is not editable. As soon as I add another event trigger (e.g. "DoubleClicked" trigger from "GridAdvanced") to the same service, the "GridAdvanced" is now editable.

Does anyone see the mistake here? It seems to me like a bug in the "isEditable" property of "GridAdvanced" which initially not trying to fetch the value from the service, unlike the other property e.g. "Visible". 


I've found a not so intuitive work around solution by also triggering the call to the service when the grid is double clicked, but I'm not so satisfied with it

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.








Submit this issue to technical support, here: 


That appears when I click the link you sent me 



I think you need an active support contract to open tickets with TS, does your organization have one? You must have received an SCN if you have active contract, you can use that to open a ticket.



Sachin Sharma

@bchaudhary @SachinSharma Could you please check this issue?

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