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How to count asset in thingworx license


How to count asset in thingworx license

I don't understand about asset in thingworx.

one asset mean one thing or one asset mean one device connect to thingworx or other

if one asset mean one thing when i create thing  by not connect device i will lost one asset right?

Please suggestion thank you




Definition of an Asset as described in PTC Software Products Licensing Basis.


“Asset” (designated as “IoT”) (also sometimes referred to in the product itself or elsewhere as a “Device” or a “Thing” or a “Remote Thing”) means a sensor, device, machine, system, web service, etc. that is modeled (represented) and/or registered as an asset (or “device” or “thing” within the Licensed Product) or any separately defined part of the foregoing if it is being treated as a separate asset within the software. For example, without limitation, an Asset could be a brake press, industrial dryer, another computer system, or a set of individual components within those machines if modeled or registered as a separate asset in the software), etc.

Thank you for you suggession rjanardan.

I've read this manual before but i'm not sure.


OK I have another question.

if i need to know i have how many asset.

can i see number of asset from Licensing Subsystem Settings>twx_things right?

Such as i have SCP Premium Edition license will have twx_things limit = 50 yes or no?





Yes, you're correct. twx_things represents the limit. 


Hello, I have more question.


You say "Asset is Thing".

If I using schedule , DataBaseThing , Timer , MQTT Thing , Gateway Thing.

It's count in to Thing.


That mean "Asset" right?


I think it not make sense for count the Timer and schedule in Asset. 

twx_things is a feature name in the license file that determines the maximum allowed assets. Refer this article on how to check connected assets or users. 

I following you instruction.


I found 3 asset count in my license.


I try to create thing, industrial connection and etc.


It is not count more 3 asset.


I would like to know " How to count asset ?".

Hello, Can you tell me "How to count?

Hi @ssriuaipornchai.


I suggest that we open a case for your remaining questions to confirm everyone is on the same page.  With your approval, I will be happy to open the case on your behalf.





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