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How to request a mashup url?


How to request a mashup url?



How do I request a url for a mashup?
I showed mashups using an iframe in html.

This seems unstable.

Can I request url via parameters?

How do I do this?



Accepted Solutions


The URL for any mashup should be easy to know if you already know the mashup name.  It just uses this pattern:




Fior me, this is a mashup on a server:



If you want to get a list of all Mashup names, you can do that by REST services (you must authenticate) by simply doing a GET on:


Hi @CHASEONHO could you please elaborate a bit on what you meant by requesting the URL. And what's unstable about using that in the iframe.

Hi,  supandey

The way I need the url I mentioned is to hide the parameter and request the url to display the mashup in the iframe.
Typically, to display a mashup without a login, you would use the following format:
<ServerName>: <ServerPort> / Thingworx / mashups / <mashupName> & <appkey>
I am wondering how to access the mashup by passing it as a parameter rather than displaying it.
If you have a way to pass Thingworx Session, AppKey without displaying it in url, please let me know.

Thank you.


If you need to pass in parameters it gets a little more interesting because you would probably need to accomplish a few things

1. establish a session

2. have the right url

3. pass in parameters

to establish the session you would have to set x-thingworx-session to true

you also need to probably pass in an appkey

and then the parameters.

The link provided can be used to also pass in parameters with &parameterName=parameterValue BUT you can't establish session.

When establishing session you can't pass in the parameter names.

I don't remember if there is a solution for that or not.

Best way is to first establish session and then call a mashup with the parameters.


Can I request a mashup without displaying the ack in url?
Attempt to put the requested url into an iframe.
Is this possible?

thank you