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Multiple windchill servers with ODataConnector


Multiple windchill servers with ODataConnector


As WindchillConnector entity is meant to disappear, we plan to follow PTC's suggestion to use ODataConnector instead.

Currently, we have about fifty custom REST services, configured in a ThingTemplate implementing WindchillConnector. Then we have one thing for each server configuration, as we have several of them.

I struggle to replicate the same architecture with ODataConnector. Article CS284781 tells that custom REST services endpoints are enabled with ODataConnector property SwaggerJSON. It's impossible to do so within a ThingTemplate, but only in a Thing.

How can I separate services declaration and server configuration?


Gilles Monchoux


First of all I am not sure what you mean "WindchillConnector entity is meant to disappear", I am not aware of this.

Secondly WindchillConnector is a Thing type of entity in ThingWorx so you can't implement it in another template as template can only use another template.


WindchillConnector is using ODataConnector as a base template and they all use HTTPConnector so I am not clear what is the issue adding custom services to some entity extending them, can you clarify?

Even if WindchillConnector entity where to disappear you can still create custom thing or thing template using ODataConnector as base template where is the "server configuration" defined and add your custom services there.

I'm using ThingWorx Foundation and Navigate 9.1. WindchillConnector is a (deprecated) ThingTemplate, not a thing, and has nothing to do with ODataConnector. I have no idea what is this "WindchillConnector" thing you have under ODataConnector. Isn't it something custom? Look what I have :



But never mind WindchillConnector.

Now imagine I have two servers: ServerLondon and ServerParis. I create a ThingTemplate named "MyConnectorTemplate". I made a picture describing the architecture I want:



I want my services to be declared on MyConnectorTemplate, and servers configurations set in their Thing.

I can't to that, because I can't define custom EndPoints at ThingTemplate level (Cf. CS284781 article). For what I know one can only redefine EndPoints in a Thing, which would only be acceptable if I had only one server.

I am not familiar with Navigate 9.1 or what WindchillConnector was replaced with so I suggest you open support case with Navigate support team that can suggest appropriate solution.

23-Emerald II

Hi @GM_7064835.


Did you take a look at this information from the Help Center?


Let us know if you still have issues.





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