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PostJSON in ThingWorx 9.0 Extension SDK


PostJSON in ThingWorx 9.0 Extension SDK

Has anybody been successful using the ContentLoader functions in TWx 9.0 Extension SDK?  I've been following this example and this javadoc but I keep getting a null pointer exception.  Just to test my sanity, I used the same url, header, and content information inside a Composer service and I was successful.  I've attached the stack trace and the code I'm using is:


public Boolean myService() throws Exception {
	Boolean verify = false;	
	ContentLoader verifyCheck = new ContentLoader();  
	String url = "";
        JSONObject content = new JSONObject("{\"meta\":{\"key\": \"" + "abc" + "\"}}");
        String username = null;
        String password = null;
        JSONObject headers = null;
        Boolean ignoreSSLErrors = null;
        Boolean withCookies = null;
        Double timeout = null;
        Boolean useNTLM = null;
        String workstation = null;
        String domain = null;
        Boolean useProxy = null;
        String proxyHost = null;
        Integer proxyPort = null;
        String proxyScheme = null;
        try {         	
           _logger.warn("URL in myService(): " + url.toString()); 
           _logger.warn("Content in myService(): " + content.toString()); 
        verifyCheck.PostJSON(url, content, username, password, headers, 
          ignoreSSLErrors, withCookies, timeout, useNTLM, workstation, domain, useProxy, 
          proxyHost, proxyPort, proxyScheme);        	
        catch(Exception e)
        	StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        	PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(sw);
        	_logger.error("Exception in myService(): " + sw.toString()); 
		return verify;



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