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Property Transform problem


Property Transform problem



I am facing a problem with almost all the transformed properties of my system. 

My environment is:

- Virtual Machine 1

     - THW Platform: 8.5.2

     - SSL:443

     - Autogenerated certificate

- Virtual Machine 2

     - Analytics Server: 8.5.2

          - Connected to the platform and working

    - Platform-Analytics: 8.5.1

          - RabbitMQ and Apache Flink from the installer

          - Erlang 21.0

          - The installation summary said that everything went OK and Things were created


All my transformed properties are configured to make the calculation every 6 hours taken 12 hour of data. However, when I search for the logged data I can see that there are calculated values that are not inside the configured 6 hours period. In the attached image there are two results that don't belong to the configurated period (marked in red). The same is happening with other transformed properties, in the same thing and in other things.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Thanks in advance





Hi @olatz 


Thank you for the details, it seems you forgot to attach the screenshot you referenced.

Also I think it is important that you review the post  Descriptive Services or Property Transforms, which approach to use?   as your use case of Property Transform does not appear to fit within the expected usage of Property Transform, notably "Calculations required to be done in seconds or minutes" , this is not meant to be used over the course of several hours.


Thank you


23-Emerald II

Hi @olatz.


Are you still searching for a solution or did the previous response help to point you in the right direction.  If you found that response helpful, please mark it as the Accepted Solution for the benefit of others in the community.





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