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Query "IN" filter


Query "IN" filter

Hey guys

I have a query that returns values to an infotable. I then want to query another table that contains the values returned in the first infotable using the "type" : "IN" filter, but I am not getting any results back. Can someone please push me in the right direction ?


The initial table query looks like this and returns 3 rows of values

var params = {
priority: Priority /* STRING */

// result: INFOTABLE dataShape: South32.Assign.Alerts.DataShape
var Alerts = Things["South32.HelperThing"].GetAlerts(params);

var DistinctParams = {

t: Alerts /* INFOTABLE */,
columns: "name" /* STRING */


// result: INFOTABLE

var DistinctProbes = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Distinct(DistinctParams);


I now want to use these values as filter values on a subsequent query.


22-Sapphire I

Are you creating a JSON array list of the values from the first Query to pass into the next query for the IN?

If you look here:


it shows the example of the IN

var jsonArray = [12,14];
var query = {
"filters": {
"type": "IN, NOTIN",
"fieldName": "Duration",
"values": jsonArray

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