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Questions about watching mashups on mobile


Questions about watching mashups on mobile


I do not like the login popup to appear.
Some mashups have been accessed via the guest account's AppKey.
But there were some unexpected issues in the mobile environment.
First, the session is not maintained as the URL changes.
If you access the mashup in the form of "Thingworx / Mashups / MonirotingService? AppKey = 2ee27c9a-eb20-4231-8bd3-c3ss29cs690 & x-thingworx-session = true", the URL will change like this:
'Thingworx / Runtime / index.html # mashup = MonirotingService & appKey = 2ee27c9a-eb20-4231-8bd3-c3ss29cs690 & x-thingworx-session = true'

The problem arises here.
The format of Thingworx / Runtime / index.html # mashup will also ask the user for credentials, even if they include an appkey.
In other words, after accessing the mashup via the AppKey in the mobile environment, the login popup will appear when the Internet browser (Chrome) is closed and then accessed again.

Tomcat's web.xml, index.html will be modified so that the session will be retained after a while.
But there is less time to stay

So I think there are three solutions.

1. The URL format does not change.
2. Thingworx / Runtime / index.html # mashup format Also, you can not ask for credentials by using the appkey.
3. Thingworx / Runtime / index.html # mashup format allows you to automatically request credentials

Is it possible to do the above three things?

If not, what else would be better?

Thank you.




I have few questions:

1. First of all since you passing appKey on URL make sure Allow Application Key as URL Parameter is set to "true" - see

2. Regardless of what is the format of the URL used to access mashup if appKey is also provided the user should not be asked to authenticate.

3. If the issue is somehow related to fact that you accessing it on mobile, can you explain what OS and browser are you using?

4. Where you able to test same using desktop client to see if you get different result? Also having Tomcat access log and ThingWorx SecurityLog showing relevant request would be helpful.



Hi, MarekP.Nowaczyk


First, we using Thingworx 7.x. i think Thingworx 7.x didn't have the appkey parameter as part of the URL.

and we test android at chrome browser

1 첫 접속.jpg

1. Success access mash via appkey

2 첫 접속 후 브라우저 강제 종료.jpg

2. force quit browser(or reboot mobile)

3 강제 종료후 브라우저 접속 시 로그인 팝업 표시.jpg

3.If you then run the browser again, it will automatically move to the previous url.
Where url is the first url used with the appkey.
However, the login window is displayed as shown in the picture.