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Runtime Working. Thing Properties. Shared Mashups


Runtime Working. Thing Properties. Shared Mashups

I have 2 infotables (Class_Grid and InfotableClass). I want to move a row from one table to another pressing the butons ADD or REMOVE:



I achived this using this tables as Properties of a thing and a service for each button that I created:
For example: Add Button.

var size = me.Class_Grid.getRowCount();
for(var i=0; i<size; i++){
if (me.Class_Grid.rows[i].pkMatclassid == Selected_Class.pkMatclassid)



BUT, as the mashup will be in a Company LAN, and the mashup can be opened by more than 1 session/user at the same time, the user can not see how the tables are changing if the user is not pressing this button... Because this is qhat is happening to me now. When I call the GETProperties function of the Thing to refresh data, I can see how ttables that I do not touch have changed.

So I was wondering if there is some way to achieve this. I tried to use only a service in order to not work with the Property Tables of the thing but it was no possible due to a service only has one Result, and I want the 2 results (the 2 tables).

How do you usually work if I want to get this? I really don't know.

Thank you.

23-Emerald II

Hi @AitorP.


To provide some guidance on this, we need to understand more regarding your use case.  It sounds like you need some sort of locking mechanism or visual indicator to prevent multiple people from making changes at the same time.  It would be helpful for you to explain the outcome expected when the selections are made, as well.  Perhaps you can provide some markups showing what is expected.


If you can provide further details, we might be able to offer another option.





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