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Set Things password from service

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Set Things password from service



i have many Things with "Database" as Thing Template and i would like to make a service which sets the password to the database automatically (on running the service). 

i looked into the snippets and found nothing so i thought it might be a security policy.


is it possible? Thanks :)


Re: Set Things password from service



Configuration section of a thing it's based on Configuration Tables, you should look on the services related to Configuration Tables in order to change any property shown on that section. Let's start:


  • GetConfigurationTables -->
    • ColumnAliases
    • ConnectionInfo
    • ConnectionMonitoring
  • From previous service we can infer that password will be on ConnectionInfo
  • GetConfigurationTable({ tableName: "ConnectionInfo"}) -> Infotable with the following columns
    • jDBCDriverClass, jDBCConnectionURL, connectionValidationString, MaxConnections, userName, password
  • Here we have the password value (but it's shown as ****), if you do it from a service you will see the real password (at least for TW 7.3.X )
  • Now you only need to Set the previous Configuration Table. the corresponding SetConfigurationTable or SetConfigurationTableRows in order to update the password accordingly.


Re: Set Things password from service

Hi Charles,


thanks for the answer! I tried as you said but i am facing a problem.


// result: INFOTABLE dataShape: "EntityList"
var result = me.GetConfigurationTables();

// table: INFOTABLE dataShape: ""
var table = me.GetConfigurationTable({
tableName: "ConnectionInfo" /* STRING */

values: undefined /* INFOTABLE */,
persistent: undefined /* BOOLEAN */,
tableName: undefined /* STRING */


Here, at SetConfigurationTableRows, what am i supposed to fill? i cannot see the connection to the password i would like to change. Thank you!

Re: Set Things password from service

Something like this should do the trick:



var newPassword ="newDesiredPassword";
var databaseName = "yourDataBaseName";
var tableName = "ConnectionInfo";
var actual = Things["PersistenceProviderSystemDatabase"].GetConfigurationTable({ tableName: tableName });
actual.rows[0].password = Resources["EncryptionServices"].EncryptPropertyValue({ data: newPassword });
    configurationTable: tableName,
    persistent: true,
    tableName: tableName


Re: Set Things password from service

Hi @gabitudor.


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