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Unable to Install Thingworx Analytics Server 8.0 in AWS EC2 Windows server 2016


Unable to Install Thingworx Analytics Server 8.0 in AWS EC2 Windows server 2016

Hi Team,

We have Thingworx Composer 8.0 deployed on AWS EC2 instance running Windows Server 2016. Thingworx composer is working fine as expected and our next step is to Install Thingworx Analytics server 8.0 on same AWS instance. While trying for Analytics server installation we are getting following issues. Also we have some queries.

It wolud be be great if you help us in following issues -

We have -

AWS EC2 - Windows Server 2016




Thingworx Composer 8.0 Running

While installing - ThingWorxAnalyticsServer-8.0.0-windows-installer.exe

we are getting error to fetch file "zookeeper" (If we select option - Use existing Postgres)

also we are getting error to fetch/download/install "Postgres" (If we select option to install postgres)

We are facing issues with docker -

We have installed Docker (Docker EE for Windows server 2016) -  Version: 17.06.2-ee-6  OS/Arch: windows/amd64 and it is in running condition

Do we have to install separate Tomcat, JDK in Docker container ?

If we try to install Tomcat in Docker using Power shell - we are getting error - "no matching manifest for windows/amd64 in the manifest list entries"

Do we have to select another platform for Docker ??

As per Thingworx analytics installation guide and video, they are installing it on standalone Windows PC

Please guide us to to select -

Appropriate version of Docker

Whether separate tomcat, JDK will require in Docker or not and if yes how to download it 

How to get away from fetching error for zookeeper and Postgres while installing ThingWorxAnalyticsServer-8.0.0-windows-installer.exe

Is Thingworx Composer and Thingworx Analytics server should be on Separate machine or we can install both on same machine ?




Hi Dhiraj

Here are some answers:

Windows 2016 is not a supported OS for ThingWorx Analytics Server. The advise would be to use a supported OS. You can find the list of them in the Installation guide under the chapter Prerequisites .

Note though that there are some limitation in running docker on Windows OS on the cloud due to lack of support for nested virtualization. You probably will be better off using one of the Linux OS if installing on the cloud.

You do not need to install any Tomcat or JDK as docker container, the installer creates its required container.

ThingWorx (if native install not docker) and ThingWorx analytics can run on the same machine, if the OS is supported for both software and the hardware follows the sizing pre-requisite (you would need to add the pre-req of ThingWorx and Anlaytics).
Depending on the activity, it is possibly not something advisable for production use though as both software might impact each other. Machine Learning operations performed by Analytics Server can be very resource demanding, so if running at the same time as ThingWorx, the performance will certainly be impacted.

Hope this helps

Kind regards


@Christophe Morfin

thanks you !

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