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can't run initial installation on tomcat


can't run initial installation on tomcat

Installation documentation doesn't seem to match the package.  Unzipped WAR file and loaded in Tomcat Webapps.  Index.html redirects to HOME, which does not exist.  Same with ThingworxMain.html.  How does the Thingworx server actually run? How did Thingworx Storage and Backups get created? Anybody have a recipe for success?


Hi Jeff,

Please refer below steps. I did it for TWX version 7.4

  • Create a backup if you have any previous thingworx version installed.(optional step)
  • Install Tomcat Apache.
  • Copy Thingworx.war to <path of Tomcat>\Webapps folder
  • Create a new folder “ThingworxPlatform”  at the same location as Apache folder.
  • Copy license.bin to ThingworxPlatform folder
  • Set the path  <path of Tomcat>\webapps\Thingworx\WEB-INF\extensions into PATH of environment variable
  • Start/Restart tomcat server and check if Thingworx composer is running.(Host:port/Thingworx/Composer)


Tarun Nayyar

Thanks Tarun, I'll try it later.  A few points here:

1) Adding the prescribed lines to the Java options utterly hosed Tomcat.  I won't add them this time.

2) I downloaded the trial. Do I have a license.bin?


Tarun, my questions were bad. Let's improve:

1) I don't see a license.bin.  Please advise where it might be or how I get it, if I only have the trial.

2) Where does ThingworxPlatfrom go? Within webapps? As a peer to Apache? The .WAR file added "ThingworxStorage" and "ThingworxBackupStorage" right off my C drive.

1) BTW, I'm running Windows 105)

2) Noticed that Thingworx wrote several lines to Java options.  I added the path you suggested, also.

3) Tried running without license.bin.  COMPLETELY HOSED TOMCAT.;

4) Only way to recover is delete all added Java options and delete all Thingworx folders and files. This is made more difficult because some process won't let go of WEB-INF/web.xml. Took a lot of hacking to release it.

5) After all vestiges of Thingworx are gone, I can finally run Tomcat again.