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how to bind image widget with selected item in advanced grid widget


how to bind image widget with selected item in advanced grid widget

Hey there,

I have made an advanced grid which holds a few aircrafts plus some informations for each one.

I have also managed to visualize some data with other widgets from the aircraft which is currently selected.

It all works fine except for the image-widgets. Each Aircraft-Thing has a certain image stored which I want to show when the Aircraft is selected in the advanced grid.

If I execute the mashup, there will only be this symbol shown instead of the image:

In the following, you can see my searchGridService, which gives me the values for the aircraft currently selected:

var params1 = {

  infoTableName : "InfoTable",

  dataShapeName : "FullGrid_datashape"


// CreateInfoTableFromDataShape(infoTableName:STRING("InfoTable"), dataShapeName:STRING):INFOTABLE(InfoTableDataShape)

var result1 = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTableFromDataShape(params1);

// result: INFOTABLE dataShape: RootEntityList

var tmpInfoTable = ThingTemplates["AC_template"].GetImplementingThingsWithData();

var tableLength = tmpInfoTable.getRowCount();

var MyObject = new Object();

for (var x = 0; x < tableLength; x++) {

    MyObject.datDate = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).datDate;

    MyObject.txtFrom = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtFrom;

    MyObject.txtTo =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtTo;

    MyObject.numFlightTimeDecimal =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numFlightTimeDecimal;

    MyObject.numSeatCapacity =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numSeatCapacity;

    MyObject.numLoad =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numLoad;

    MyObject.numDirt =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numDirt;

    MyObject.numTotalFlightTime =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numTotalFlightTime;

    MyObject.numCummulatedDirt =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numCummulatedDirt;

    MyObject.txtAC_tag = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtAC_tag;

    MyObject.txtAC_type =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtAC_type;

    MyObject.txtAirportCodeFrom =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtAirportCodeFrom;

    MyObject.locLocationGPSFrom =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).locLocationGPSFrom;

    MyObject.locLocationGPSTo =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).locLocationGPSTo;

    MyObject.txtAirportCodeTo =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtAirportCodeTo;

    MyObject.txtFlight =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtFlight;

    MyObject.numAnalyticalDirt =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numAnalyticalDirt;

    MyObject.numAnalyticalDirtCummu =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numAnalyticalDirtCummu;

    MyObject.imageSeat = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).imageSeat;  <-- THERE IS THE IMAGE ATTRIBUTE

    MyObject.numToilets =tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numToilets;

    MyObject.txtMSN = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtMSN;

    MyObject.txtAirline = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtAirline;

    MyObject.datDatetoday = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).datDatetoday;

    MyObject.txtActualLocation = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).txtActualLocation;

    MyObject.numProbability = tmpInfoTable.getRow(x).numProbability;




var params = {

  t: result1 /* INFOTABLE */,

  query: query /* QUERY */


// result: INFOTABLE

var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Query(params);

In the mashup, I have binded the image-Widget as follows:

If you need further information, please comment!

Thank you so much for your help.

Best wishes,



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