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menu visibility on clicking button in thingworx


menu visibility on clicking button in thingworx

I want to display the menu only when i click button,

I tried assigning clicked action of button to visibility of menu but it is displaying an error "No compatibility Services" 

I tried using checkbox to button clicked, the same error existed.

Please suggest an alternative


Good day


There are two ways in which you can achieve this.

Suggestion 1:

you can have a button which on click event is linked to an expression widget with the expression in the expression widget being "true" and the output of the OutputBaseType of the expression widget on boolean. You then connect the output of the expression widget to the visibility of your menu. 


Suggestion 2: 

You can have the menu inside a collapsed side bar/header/footer with the on click event of the button connected to the ToggleExpandColapse of the side bar/header/footer/. This will allow you expand or collapse your menu using only one button.

I hope that helps



The first one, i have followed the steps you have told, what I want is when I click once it should be visible and when I click again the menu should not be visible..


The second one i dont understand where can i find the collapsed sidebar.


Thank you for the solution

If you want the visible and not visible on the same click then i suggest going for the second solution. 


You can find the sidebar/header/footer as options when you use a layout widget. The sidebar has a Boolean property called Expanded, by toggling this to false the sidebar wont appear on the mashup or will be collapsed. The same logic is applied for a header and footer.


Hope that solves your issues


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Hi @rajee.


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