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Connection failure between Navigate and Thingworx


Connection failure between Navigate and Thingworx

Hi All,


I am trying to configure Navigate with Windchill but it is failing with the error in the screeshot attached.

Windchill is configured with SSL (tried with both trusted certiicates and self signed certificates) and Navigate is not SSL enabled (http).

When validating the connection from Thingworx (ptc-windchill-integration-connector--> services--> ValidateConnection) it is failing.




HI @irfan_md,


You need to import the Windchill SSL certificate in cacerts file for JAVA that TWX is using.

Let me know if this helps.




Hi Harsh,


I have already imported the certificates as mentioned but still getting the same issue.





Hi @irfan_md,


I would like few files and details in order to solve this problem. Is it possible for you to share below things here?

Or if not, I would like you to create a Tech Support case to solve this.


Version Information

  • Windchill Version
  • ThingWorx Version
  • Navigate Version


Server Information

  • Is ThingWorx and Windchill on different server?
  • If yes, what are the fully qualified hostnames
  • Is ThingWorx or Windchill SSL enabled?
  • Is it a Windchill cluster or standalone


Files from Windchill

  • Apache
    • httpd.conf
    • httpd-ssl.conf (if Windchill 10.2)
    • 20-mod_ssl.conf
    • ca-bundle.crt
    • Any custom conf or crt file created (if any)
    • Loggers (will need Apache restart)
      • Some custom logging to the Windchill Apache, so ssl_request.log will provide information on the certificates presented by Thingworx to Windchill. A custom log line should already be present in 20-mod_ssl.conf around lines 301-302:

#CustomLog "C:/ptc/Windchill_11.0/HTTPServer/logs/ssl_request_log" \ "%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x \"%r\" %b"


Append with the new parameter highlighted below in yellow:


CustomLog C:/ptc/Windchill_10.2/HTTPServer/logs/ssl_request.log "%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x %{SSL_CLIENT_S_DN}x \"%r\" %b"


  • LogLevel to debug in httpd.conf


  • Apache Logs (access, error, and ssl_request logs) with timestamp when issue has been reproduced with above loggers


  • Windchill
    • web.xml
    • cacerts
    • Jssecacerts
    • Output of 'windchill version' command
    • Logs directory with timestamp when issue has been reproduced


Files from ThingWorx

  • web.xml
  • server.xml
  • cacerts
  • jssecacerts
  • Both .JKS files (with password)
  • Snapshot of ptc-windchill-integration-connector & ptc-windchill-integration-connector-proxy , Configuration Tab in Cancel Edit mode (Full Page)
  • Snapshot of error while performing Validate Connection
  • IntegrationRuntime-settings.json
  • Platform-settings.json
  • Start Integration Runtime in SSL Debug enable mode. Run below command to start it in Debug

java -DconfigFile=C:\ThingworxStorage\IntegrationRuntime\integrationRuntime-settings.json -jar C:\ThingworxStorage\IntegrationRuntime\integration-runtime-8.0.1-b199.jar >IntegrationRuntimeDebug.txt

  • Logs (with timestamp when issue reproduced)
    • ThingworxStorage/logs
    • IntegrationRuntimeDebug.txt
    • IntegrationRuntime logs



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