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Did not receive activation email.


Did not receive activation email.

Hello, I registered for the free Vuforia Chalk trial back around April 3rd and I have not received my activation email.  I've received other email communications from the email address.  But not the activation email.  


Hi @ceilders 


Please email us at so that we can resend your invite and get you up and running with Chalk. 


Hello PTC Team. 

@tmccombie  Email delivery is failing

Please check , i am getting "Undeliverable" from

Hi @akyadav -- this just came to my attention. Apologies, you ran into problems here.


I re-checked our email address and it appears to be working OK. I'm on the distribution list, so I will see any requests coming through that email channel.


If you are still having trouble with access - please send an email and to verify - just respond to this community post and I'll let you know if I received it.



Dan Hitomi

Me too.


My IT dept requested detailed info as to sender/recipient, date/time, subject text etc.


PTC Support provided these.


However, our IT guys also needed to know the Public IP that the PTC mail emanated from and if any rejection mail was received by PTC by our server in response.


PTC support could not access this info


Relationship ended before it really had started perhaps ?


Hi @StewMorris 


I'm looking into this.

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