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Vuforia Chalk Free Offer


Vuforia Chalk Free Offer


I have a customer that has initiated the Vuforia Chalk free offer and required the Host option. When they go into the Admin Centre they receive a message that "the Host Package must be purchased as part of the license for Chalk in order to for host features to be enabled", refer attached

My understanding was that there is two free offers, one for internal company users and one for hosts to connect external to their company.

Can anyone assist?



Re: Vuforia Chalk Free Offer

Hi Steve.


The Free Chalk offer should include Hosting Package for the customers. The Hosting option needs to be applied to the individual users within the Admin Center (see Setting up your company's Chalk users as Hosts)

The Screenshot that you have attached is from the Help Center and not an error message. So this is a general note that is also visible for Organizations with the Hosting Package.

Please, let the customer check what numbers are visible on the top right corner in the Admin Center (Hosts: x of y).

If there is nothing visible of a zero, please feel free to contact me directly.






Re: Vuforia Chalk Free Offer

Hi Rayed

The customer is unable to login this morning, but she did say that yesterday she could see the 1 of 1000 hosts

The Company is Chamberlain Australia Pty Ltd and the contact name is Donna Johnson, refer below

Steve Corrigan
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