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What's New in Vuforia Chalk 3.1.1

21-Topaz I

What's New in Vuforia Chalk 3.1.1

Chalk Mobile App:

  • Improved Initialization step
    • Users can now re-try or skip this step if they are unable to initialize successfully
    • Sessions will be A/V only (no live 3D Annotations) if step is skipped
    • IMG_1662.PNG
    • See our Live Annotations Help Center Topic for more information on initialization and using annotations
  • iOS:
    • iPhone SE 2020 now supported
  • Android:
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 now supported

Chalk for Desktop

  • Low Bandwidth Mode now available

Chalk Admin Center

  • Bulk invitation will re-invite existing users with an expired invitation
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved HTTP failure error when accessing Insights
      • image.png
    • Admins can now enable Host privileges for users in the Invited state
    • Users invited as a Basic User are now receiving correct Welcome email


We are interested in your feedback on the latest updates to Vuforia Chalk. Reply to this post to let us know what you think!


Please, any plans to support Samsung S20?

Hi @vieirac1 


We are actively working to broaden our Android device support. The S20 is part of this in our effort to support ARCore devices. 


Does this mean in future all devices listed as ARCore supported devices will work with annotations? There are a lot of phones on that list that I expect would work that currently do not.

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