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A question about vofuria view to consult everyone.


A question about vofuria view to consult everyone.

Firstly, Let me give the target product a brief introduction。

 As following, there are two buttons in the first picture,Click the test button it will jump to the second picture.

729d705a8ae32c7212cceb96214bfd9.png    86ecf945a147655f23f33f3e7eaf304.png

The code of click event is shown as following.

The templateurl  (

is a html called remotely.


Ok, the projects seems very normal on the vofuria studio preview.


Next, when I deploy the project and use voforia view to experience this service.The page cannot be load after I click the test button.


Its  the **bleep**ing problem i wanna to ask u.I already go **bleep**ing crazy.


Finally whats the cause of the problem.I think it may be one of the following situations.

1. is the url above should be a https type? According to  log, this URL was not called at all

2. is the Published process comes up a error that i have missed

3. the log of vofuria studio says a error belowing

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, 'C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\VuforiaStudio\Projects\_____2\dist\lib\cdn\'

can this be the cause of the problem.


I really hope to get your advice and help. I'm going to collapse.


Hi @JY_10080253 ,

so far i see there are 2 points:

1.) Behavior in the Vuforia View on your $http post request. Possibly here is an issue which is related to CORS restriction e.g.. handled int the following posts:

It could be helpful to reproduce the issue when you activated the verbose logging 

1. In Vuforia View, to enable verbose scan this QR code 



In popup named Enable the behavior ? with the message Would you enable verbose-logging ?, click the button Enable
3. To disable the verbose, scan again QR Code
4.  In popup named Disable the behavior ? with the message Would you disable verbose-logging ?, click the button Disable


Where you could find the Vuforia View log file on device:


  • Connect your device to a computer with iTunes on it
  • In iTunes, select the device
  • Select File Sharing in left side menu
  • Select View in list of apps
  • Drag logfile.txt to desktop


  • Log files are located under Android folder
    • ..\Documents\Vuforia View\
  • logfile.txt is the most recent log

Windows Surface

  • Log files are located at C:\Users\{userName}\AppData\Local\Packages\9CAFC431.VuforiaViewEnterprise_fvvfpfxfdh1zr\LocalState\
  • File is named log<date>.text


  • Open a web browser
  • Navigate to device portal by entering the IP address of HoloLens
  • Select File Explorer > Camera Roll from left side menu
  • Download latest log file
    • Vuforia View must be closed to download log file

Another options here is to share the logs by calling the link : 


or when you scan the QR code :




2.) A second point is the error message when you upload the Experience project to the Experience Service. What is there  the error number in Studio log?



Regarding to the issue in point 2 with the error : reporting problem with the I checked internally and there is an issue reported in the past which is related  to an error in the JS code where the wrong view name was use, So possibly you can check the used view name if there are some special characters - for the widget names but also if there is some call in the javascropt. At least if you used such special character you can replace them for a test to ensure if this is the reason in your case.

Thanks verymuch, I'll check the problem with your suggestions later

Here is the detail error.I think that Since it can be previewed on the computer, maybe this error is not the main reason

[2021-10-15T00:55:13.418Z] error: [twx-studio:index] Server error 584e2c16-45d7-45bb-81ea-2f50ab0b80cb [Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat 'C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\VuforiaStudio\Projects\_____2\dist\lib\cdn\'] {
errno: -4058,
code: 'ENOENT',
syscall: 'stat',
path: 'C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\VuforiaStudio\\Projects\\_____2\\dist\\lib\\cdn\\',
expose: false,
statusCode: 404,
status: 404

@JY_10080253  thanks for the feedback!

Yes this error was what I mentioned in my pervious post ->

  • Reported to R&D as JIRA Ticket VTS-84    - an based on issue with the view name in javascript code.

@RolandRaytchev: This is a great functionality but unfortunately it doesn't work at my device. I use an iPad with Vuforia View 9.2.3, go into scan mode, scan the code and receive the message "Invalid qr code". What did I do wrong?

Hi @whity ,

thanks for the feedback!

I checked the internal documentation - and it seems that  the enabling of verbose logging is valid only for android and windows platform (the first QR code from the previous post) . So that it will not work for IOS. The second QR code for sharing the log should work for all platforms.