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Annotating assembly parts in an AR / 3D Sequence


Annotating assembly parts in an AR / 3D Sequence

Hi All – after an animated 3D sequence “plays” inside an AR experience (i.e., a disassembly), I am looking for a good way to display dynamic content relative to a specific part.  For example, a tooltip or 3D gauge pointing to the specific part of the model, but only after the disassembly sequence and after the part is exposed.

My first thought was adding insets, annotations, and/or symbols to the model (and part) using the Creo Illustrate designer as part of the sequence creation (prior to exporting to PVZ and importing as a Studio Resource), but I’m finding that those visual elements do NOT render in the AR experience with the View app.  Is that expected behavior?

Other than geometrically positioning 3D widgets and perhaps manually controlling widget visibility (planning in advance where the parts would end up after the sequence), what is the best way to add visual annotations on specific assembly parts after a 3D Sequence?  Does Studio know about the specific parts? 

Is this even possible?



Hi Robert,

You can add visual 'annotations' in Creo Illustrate but you'll have to add them as real parts in the part structure - using Symbols is not supported yet unfortunately. BUt if you add 3D models for your symbols to the illustration you can have them in your AR experience. You can then either use show/hide animation in the sequence definition or you can use ModelItems inside the AR experience and set visibility or opacity as part of your Experience definition.

Cheers, moritz

Hi Moritz,

you mentioned that using symbols is possible with the workaround of adding them as 3D models. Can I add the symbols from Creo Illustrate directly as 3D models? If so, could you please describe how I can do that? Or do I just have to insert for example some arrow models which I can use like the other parts of the model?

Thank you, Lara

Can anyone tell me if in my 3D model there are already some internal parts are present,So how can I able to assemble,Dissemble them in thingworx

Hi Rohit, you can use the Creo Illustrate software to create animated 3D procedures like disassembly/reassembly on the assembly parts. These are called sequences (the sequences have "steps"). Once designed, Illustrate can publish a new model archive file as output (PVZ) with the sequences included. You can then import this new PVZ into ThingWorx Studio and play them from there once you update the model bindings.

Yaa I tried to download creo but in that there is no creo illustrate is present.So I need to Download it separate or where should I get creo Illustrate?

Is (or was) your company part of the ThingWorx Studio Trial program?  If so, there is a section in the Getting Started with ThingWorx Studio Trial guide (PDF) called "Obtain and Install PTC Creo Illustrate" which had all of the instructions on where to download, how to install, get a license, etc.  Illustrate was provided as part of the trial.

Hello !

You can import symbols into creo illustrate to select and use them in sbom.

The symbols (.ol) are located at

@Moritz von Hasselbach
How you can add "annotations" from creo illustrate into sbom ? Are there any other .ol files you can import or? I only see .gif a picture format.

Erik Schmidt / inray industriesoftware

Hi Erik,

annotations like text labels are not supported in Thingworx Studio either. I know that PTC R&D is working on a unified format for annotations and sequences in Creo Illustrate. I think it's already supported in 4.1/4.2 to a certain  degree - but the resulting figures won't work in Thingworx Studio as of now. I hope that we'll have support for more Creo Illustrate features as soon as we support the unified format in Thingworx Studio.