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CAD optimizer eliminating parts


CAD optimizer eliminating parts

I have an assembly i'm running thru the CAD optimizer on import and the appearance of the HIGH output are great but it is eliminating one of parts, technically the .ol part is still there in the .pvz but it has not surfaces in it. It's a sizable part volume wise relative to the assembly (assembly is a bicycle, the missing part is the handle bar). The part goes "missing" form all three of optimized outputs.


Does anyone have suggestions on .rcp file modifications that might fix this? or a location for good documentation on said files?


I have a poor work around that involves replacing the "missing" part in the .pvz file with the unoptimized version from the inital .pvz file. This works but is manual labor every time I update the 3D and also bloats the file as this one part unoptimized is way higher detail ans size than it needs to be.


I had a similar problem where the model had a cover and the optimizer made it too thin and it looked like it had been turned inside out.


The settings are in the pvaroptimizer.pvr file that you can find in Projects\node_modules\cad-import-filters\import_filters\win64\recipe.


If you look through the file there is the definition of the 3 levels (High, Medium & Low) at the end of the file and you can see the values that change between the different options.  The big problem is finding out what they mean.  I've looked through the PTC knowledge base and the only one that I could fine something on is dglTolPerc but that's just someone on the forums trying to find out more about what is does.


This document from PTC does have a bit of information: Frequently Asked Questions for the ProductView Adapters Recipe Editor


Probably your best bet is to play around with the values and see if you get a satisfactory result.


Hope this helps.





Check if CS45681 helps. For recipe editor related help, refer to Chapter3 in the Creo View adapters installation and configuration guide based on your Creo View version. You can also refer to the Editing Recipes for Using Creo View MCAD Adapters topic in the respective version in this document. The knowledge hub article for adapters is also a good reference


Hope this helps




Hi @jmikesell


Hope you are doing good. Could you please confirm if the issue has been resolved.


If yes, please mark the answer as accept as solution for the future reference. Thank you in advance.

Regards-Mohit Goel


No this is still a problem and just happened to me on a project on Monday. I was never able to get any better results from changing the recipe files. The strange thing is that the "missing parts" seem to usually be on the High version of the optimization. And the Med and Low version will have the parts in a more complete version. With more experience what I have found is that the parts are not truly missing but they are just poorly optimized.


I have seen the following "optimizations":

  • All surfaces of a parts removed
  • All surfaces removed from a mixed solid/surface model
  • All the geometry collapsed down to a tiny sphere

In all of these cases these problems were on the High model. The only solution I have found is to unzip the High model find the .ol file for the bad part and replace it with the .ol file from the Med optimization.


For anyone else looking at this thread with this problem. The easiest way i have found to identify this bad .ol file is to open up your optimized pvz in Illustrate, select the part and then "Edit Properties". Under the attributes section there is a line for "OL File name" this will give you the file name for the .ol file in questions. These file names are consistent across all optimized versions and the original pvz.

2018-10-18 08_00_36-Illustration (unsaved) - Creo Illustrate.png

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