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Common experience across multiple HoloLens devices


Common experience across multiple HoloLens devices



I'd like to know if it is possible to view the same Vuforia experience simultaneously on multiple different HoloLens headsets? Will the experience be loaded as separate instances on each device, or is it possible for one person's real-time actions to be seen by the others viewing the experience?


I would also like to know how to share an experience across different types of devices, as is demonstrated in the experience shared between a HoloLens and a tablet in the following video from PTC's website:





In each device in Vuforia View, in mobiles, tablets, 2D Eyewears, 3D Eyewears (Hololens are included in this category), Experiences are loaded as a specific instance in Vuforia View.

We don't have a communication or relationship between devices except about data from or sent to ThingWorx.


To share content between Experiences between users and devices at the same time, we have 2 solutions :

  1. Read and Write data in Things in ThingWorx
  2. Use Vuforia Chalk to share an AR room


In Vuforia Studio, we can create 3 types of Projects :

  • 2D Eyewears
  • 3D Eyewears
  • Mobile/Tablets

Experiences are not the same between each of these types of Projects.


Because each kind of these devices have not same behaviors.

For example, in Realwear HTM-1, we cannot do 3D AR but we can in Hololens and in mobile.

Another example, some 2D Widgets are available in mobile but in 3D Eyewear ; as Scan Widget.

Last example, inputs from users are not the same in mobile, in 2D Eyewears and in 3D Eyewears.

In Hololens, we have gesture and voice commands. Not a touch screen.

In mobile, we just a touch screen.


For all of these reasons, it is needed to port a Project between these devices.

it is to the developer to do it and to have an overview about how to manage the difference between these devices and how to handle interactions with the user.


Best regards,