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Creo illustrate - Limits of importation to Thingworx studio - ( annotation / cross section...)


Creo illustrate - Limits of importation to Thingworx studio - ( annotation / cross section...)

Dear All,

I'm currently testing the Thingworx Studio and Creo illustrate. I would like to know if there is somewhere a specification of the limits of importation between the both software. For example, I would be interesting to display in AR mode the Balloon  on the differents parts and assembly, or also to show a section done in to creo illustrate.

Today I'm only available to import a " figure" with simple dismaintling sequence.

In advance thank you for your Help.



nicolas leclaire​ : Unfortunately, we do not have an importation document at this point of time and would be a good suggestion to consider/create one. I will also check internally and get back to you in case there is more details available which could be helpful for you.


Thank you for the reply ! by the way do you know if there is a way of importing the section view from Creo Illustrate to Thingworx?

Salut Nicolas,

right now you can take as a guidance that all features and capabilities that can be achieved with Sequences in Creo Illustrate can also be viewed and played back in Thingworx View. You already mentioned that in your question so you seem to know that already - I just wanted to document it clearly here for all others.

Cheers, moritz

Hello Moritz,

I currently evaluate the AR workflow using Creo Illustrate and Thingworx Studio and could for example not achieve to use the intersection plane feature in a sequence. The pvz plays in creo view as it should. In Thingworx Studio (preview) and Thingworx View (iOS and android) all features and sequence elements are shown but the cut plane that intersects the model is skipped.

Are there certain features that are avialable in Illustrate that ar currently not implemented in Thingworx Studio?





I am trying to evaluate it too. So far I figured that it is only one sequence per experience, none of the view/camera manipulations from Illustrate can be translated into studio, visibility of the components in Illustrate does not go to studio.


regarding to the point : only one sequence per experience:

There is a workaround -please check ,this community document for the hint how to use more than one sequences per experience



- I also did not found a way to display a annotation from Illustrate

additionally I identified also an issue with sequences where in the figure step are used effects /pulse shake and unscrew combined with translation.

In illustrate and in the exported pvz file the rendering is correct and has the same results

But in Thingworx Studio the translation is omitted . Please, see the movie below

Video Link : 1886

Roland Raytchev​ facing the same issue with annotation, but I believe we can use a workaround of adding 3D text widget in Studio.

WRT sequence effects I was able to add pulse and shake effects combinations to work in studio (though for an another model), I'll try adding effects to your model and will check if that happens.

LECLAIRE NICOLAS​ Also, the solution posted in the community post - Display sequence step names from Creo Illustrate might be one possible alternative.

Let me know your thoughts.