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Data from Thingworx to Thingworx studio.


Data from Thingworx to Thingworx studio.


We are sending data from thingworx to thingworx studio every 2 second.

We can see changing data in Thingworx mashup but we can´t see change in thingworx studio (3D gauge).

So if you can give us some advice we will be appreciate.

Thanks a lot

5-Regular Member

Hi Martin Vasicek​,

Are you linking the property directly or reading it via service?

In preview; Press F12 to check browser network logs to see if the REST call is being made to Thingworx.


Hao Jia​ and Martin Vasicek​ : Please refer and follow the video tutorial ThingWorx Studio - Reading Property from ThingWorx Core

Hope it helps.


Hi Martin.

A common mistake is to define the accessibility setting of your experience to Anonymous/public access . Usually this will not work if you try to access IoT data from ThingWorx. It is possible to configure the ThingWorx instance to allow such access, but a) this is insecure and b) not available for the Trial Version instance. The effect that you currently are seeing is, that in the Preview of the Experience you are seeing the data (because you are logged in), but in the Experience opened in ThingWorx View not (because you didn't provide credentials).

Therefore you have to change the setting of your experience so that it requires Authentication. The user that you are using for authentication must have access to the Thing, the properties and the Services on the ThingWorx instance. When opening the Experience now in ThingWorx View, you need to enter your credentials first. Now, you should be able to see the IoT Data there.


Best Regards