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Dynamic Model Target


Dynamic Model Target

Is it possible to change the Model Target dynamically to another Model Target? 


I have figured out how to have a different view which sets a parameter for the model to change dynamically. This works great but I also need to change the model target also. 


Follow-up, would it be possible to use the Vuforia "Model Target Generator" app to make the .dat and outline image file?


The ability to pull out the model target would make the project very modular.


Hello Jay,


Actually, in Vuforia Studio, I don't think that it is possible to modify Model Target dynamically.

The only solution is that you have done, use different Views.


To change the 3D Model, it is not possible because Model Target generation has some data generated in Vuforia Studio.

I suppose that it is the same program as in Vuforia Model Target Generator app.


I have investigated more deeply and I have found :

  • In Project, with a Model Target with an empty 3D Model :


We have in the Model Target object, these settings.

  • In the same Project but with a 3D Model and a Target Model, we have :


  • We can see :
  1. A .dat file is used, in twx-widget-property  name="dataset" tag. By the way, I have checked locally in Project folder, I was not able to find this .dat file.
  2. A png file file is also generated, in twx-widget-property name="url" tag. This file is present locally in Project folder.
  3. Other tags have been modified also, as in twx-widget-property  name="detectionPosition" tag. It seems just information about location of Camera and 3D Model when Model Target has been generated.


So, I presume to have something who might work ; it is needed to update these settings with a custom Javascript.

But, we don't have an event to inform in the Experience that these values have changed.

It might be possible that the previous values will be still used until we fired an event to inform about these modifications.


Also, it is needed to update the png image also.

  • Does Vuforia Model Target Generator app generated also it ?

About the location values to update, I suppose that a text file with this data is needed to store and to update it.


Hope that it can help.


Best regards,