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EDM dimension annotations in Vuforia


EDM dimension annotations in Vuforia

When we publish an EDM model, with 3D note & dimension annotations, as an AR experience we do not see the 3D note or dimensions in Vuforia.  Is there a way to see EDM annotations in AR?


@sobrien-2  Could you please provide a few snapshots, details to better understand the issue. There has been a limitation with the usage of Annotations in Studio so any more detail will help. Refer existing knowledge base suggesting the same.

This is a screenshot of the part with annotations I made in Creo7.0 and the modified "builder-settings.json" file.  I can also send .prt & .pvz files.  I used the trial version of Vuforia.  I am not able to get the annotations to appear in the Vuforia experience.



Hi @sobrien-2 ,

what is the EDM source CAD system ? e.g. Creo Parametric?

If yes ->in this case you can check this post : "Annotations from a model 3D in an AR project"

e.g. the setting of the  builder-setting.json option: "annotationsEnabled": true


in your Vuforia Studio installation which is located in< users/documents>\VuforiaStudio
open the file builder-settings.json for editing (please, first save a backup)

add the option (note: so far I know this option is   not official supported yet
->"annotationsEnabled": true

->restart Studio and import the model to the resource folder. 



PVZ format saved from Elements Direct Modeling.

The post "Annotations from a model 3D in an AR project" link failed.


And I added annotation in CREO Parametric, save as PVZ, annotation can be seen in CREO VIEW.

"annotationsEnabled": true is added to builder-settings.json, but no annotation shown in Vuforia Studio.


No annotation in Vuforia Studio Canvas, Preview nor on mobile device.


Is this feature canceled?


Basically Dimension from any CAD  cannot be viewed in vuforia studio. thats limitation. but new functionality is introduced in Vuforia while importing Model "CAD MEtadata". By checking this check box it may work . try it but again it cannot be seen on the model. 

-actually in the current functionality, so far I know,  the annotation(e.g. dimension) will be not shown in Vuforia Studio – so at least this is not official supported.

-my observation was in the past that when I export a model from Creo Parametric to PVZ file and  in the Creo Parametric I have a combined view with shown annotations in Creo Parametric – then in this case e.g. the shown dimensions  could be also displayed in Vuforia Studio via the option (annotationsEnabled": true is added to builder-settings.json,). The requirement is that the e.g. dimension annotations are created and shown in a combo view when you exported to PVZ

- the option importing meta data is not related to the annoation. This option will extract the most important model parameters (path , name and etc) to an extra json file which is also saved to the upload directory. The json file will have the same name as the model but with json extension e.g. my_model.pvz and meta file my_model.json.

PTC provided now also api where you can make a query to access the  model /component properties as described in the Vuforia Studio Help chapter:

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