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How textures work in Thingworx ?


How textures work in Thingworx ?

Hello everyone,


I would like to understand how thingworx studio deals with textures.


I have a 3D model of an hotel room, made with Revit, and exported in .FBX and .OBJ with 3DS MAX.
When i open those files with any soft, i do not have problems to get the textures:


Sans titre&.jpg


but with Thingworx studio, i can not find them :


Sans titre.png

On the right this is the FBX, on the left, the OBJ (some objects are black in the OBJ, i don't unterstand why either...)


I found a previous topic on this forum with an exemple : Publishing an experience with a model containing decals

I have tried this exemple , with success, but i can not apply the same process on my file...


This is my first experience with Thingworx Studio, but i will not be able to use it if textures do not work 😕 ... So any help would be welcome


Here is a link to dowload the files i used in case someone want to give it a try:


Thanks in advance if anyone have any information to share !


PS: Sorry if my english is not good

5-Regular Member

Dear Marius,

I tried your files.

the obj can not work - from my knowledge there must be the good mtl library with it in order to reference the good material pictures with the good 3D model part.

The one mtl file that is in the package references only 1 material called newwire -> there must be another good .mtl file for it.

However with all textures I tried yet - only tga did work.

And to convert them is a big manual task.


P.S. a link covering the texture question more deeply:

Publishing an experience with a model containing decals

+ you could do manual work and put a 3D label on each part... but i guess its lots of work.

5-Regular Member

Hi Marius Levoyer,

I have done the similar test before,Import the Creo model into 3D Max to define the animation and output it into FBX format.Finally using vuforia SDK in Unity 3D definition AR application.

Now I direct import FBX format file into ThingWorx Studio, the display is very good, there is no loss of material and texture information, and the ThingWorx View also shows normal.


I downloaded and tested your data and found that some information was inaccurate.For example, the OBJ file defines the mtllib file is CCCC.mtl ?

and  Only one material wire_210128158 is defined in the mtllib file, It is recommended to re-output data and then continue to try.

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