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Is 3d Widget Dialog possible?


Is 3d Widget Dialog possible?

I want to a status indicator on the model.


There is Bar Gage in 3D Widget Dialog?

There is Graph in 3D Widget Dialog?







Hello wxywxy,


In Help center, we can have a list of 3D Widgets available :


I suppose that the bar gage has a similar behavior to a 2D gauge and the Graph is similar to Time Series Chart.

All of these Widgets are in 2D not in 3D.

We cannot find similar Widgets with same features in 3D.


From my point of view, the main reason is that it can be difficult to read the data in 3D Widgets.

Because, it is needed to move near them with the mobile ...etc...

A 2D Widget, in a dialogbox, to display when it is needed, is the best.

For example, we can put the mobile on a table to check the data and after come back in AR without any problem. 


Best regards,


Hello  @wxywxy1 ,


as   mentioned in the post from @sdidier  not possible as functionality but I want to point to  additional alternative option:

One option   to create some diagrams (but with some significant additional work) is to use the SVG file format. You can generate this format dynamically and it could display anything - means diagram like bar or curves etc. but also a text. For this you need to check the svg format which is part of the HTML 5 default functionality so far I know (see also ,,


Here I want to refer to the post were I did some example how to generate such format dynamically in studio: Is it possible to create Proportional Chart or Progress Gauge in Vuforia Studio? )

Another point is how to edit for example a 3dImage which display a SVG file format containing some text.

You can use a click event to start a popup dialog where you can edit some text / on mobile device/ or on HoloLens you can create a virtual keyboard – this require some additional work and could be implemented as 3d images which displays the different characters where you can click to add an character to the dynamic svg. )